Who is the AntiChrist? Image of the Beast: Exploring many Theories

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  1. The Antichrist according to the scriptures to me is Cesare Borgias who still has a impact on the world today.

  2. Who was the mighty hunter, given a blessing to subdue the earth with the sword?
    Who has and continues to kill with the sword? Who will be killing the people who wont accept the mark of the beast??

    Whoever this beast is, …or whoever the beast is controlling had/has a history of doing alot of KILLING!


  3. Shalome Shabbat my Brother YAHUU . I gave up the Sun name of my birth , but it's not yet acceptable as ( sign n sun name Dave Campbell) is still on my identification card along trn number , so how do I get to use my new name Ys-rAH-EL YAHUU D'YAH'Uyd' (?) Right to left . Rabah meh'Ud Todah

  4. Wow such wonder teaching thank you my brother and the Holy Spirit Of Yah is working through you and you wife sister Deborah thank you and I am supporting your platform. I just love listening to this truth, may Yahweh/Elohim/Yah bless you and your family and please keep teaching the truth this teaching is so important in these last days. I love you all thank you. Peace to you and family. SHALOM family.

  5. I know that's right. Just look at how our people who left Christianity, only to go in to ancestor worship?. And of course many heathens-gentiles don't believe in YAH -YAHUSHA anyway.

  6. The image of the beast is the UN and all the 7 major political powers included the U.S. it's got 7 heads and 10 diadem ( countries that support each of those 7 heads)

    The antichrist isn't just one person, it's many. Anyone one that denies that Jesus is the son and is blasphemous can be one. I think Donald Trump is one, he is able to fool people on a scary level. He already has a set of loyal worshipers that believe he is their God. I have a feeling he will become president and carry out the prophesy.

  7. And this mark is for buying and selling but i believe there will be more than just buying and selling so saying birth cetificate its a mark doesnt apply scriptures fully

  8. Oh, I forgot…The Pope called all of the churches religions… BACK HOME. Many all the religions are to come back to their Mother the whore that ride's the beast.

  9. Brotha Watchman And Sis Deborah! Great Lesson! Revelations Is One Of My Favorite Books! Family This Role Is Very Important To Remember, The Antichrist Will Not Be Worshipped Without A False Prophet, We Look Into The Antichrist And Who He Is, But We Don't Think About The False Prophet, He Is The One That Causes The Worship Of The Antichrist, The False Prophet Is In Relation To The Antichrist, As John The Baptist Is In Relation To Yahshuah The Messiah, He Is Paving The Way For Him, We See This Goal Clearly Being Carried Out Today By Pope Francis, He Has Been Aggressively Working To Combine All Religions Of The World Under The Doctrine That We All Must Worship The Same God, And He Is Meeting With All The Leader's That Many Face In This World, He Is Setting The Stage For A One World Religion, Meaning All Of The Religions Believing That They Are Worshipping The Same God, But That God Is Actually The Dragon Who We All Know Is Satan, And They Are Led To Worship Him Through Worshipping The Beast Who Is The Antichrist, They Are Led To Worship The Beast By Being Led By The False Prophet, The Pope Is Not The Antichrist, And He Is Not Promoted To Be Worshipped By The Whole World, He Is Promoted As The Authority To Co-Sign The Antichrist As The One To Be Worshipped, He Is Also The Facilitator Of The Mark Of The Beast. Brotha Watchman Consider This Passage: 👉"And Then If Any Man Shall Say To You, Lo, Here Is Christ (Yahuah); Or, Lo, He Is There; Believe Him Not: For False Christs And False Prophets Shall Rise, And Shall Shew Signs And Wonders, To Seduce, If It Were Possible, Even The Elect. But Take Heed: Behold, I Have Foretold You All Things. Mark 13 Chapter 21-23 Verse!👈 Shabbat Shalom Family And Have A Blessed And Shalom Day!!!

  10. Idk why I think this but wat if the Antichrist came as a robot or a ai or maybe a clone ya kno while we looking at worldy figures remember the 3rd Antichrist is worst then the first too so this one really might be a wowzer this time make hitler look like a cake walk

  11. What do the word Anti mean? It means against! Against Christ is Anti! Any entity against Christ is an anti christ. Why would anyone be against Christ? For the same reason his linage the seed of David and the 12,000 chosen from the 12 tribes that is the bride who are preparing for the marriage feast are fought against from the creation of Abraham, Issac and Jacob! The enemy is against the most high’s chosen and their messiah. As it gets closer and closer to the deliverance of the chosen and the return of Christ’s return more and more antichrist will surface. There are many antichrist!

  12. Shabbat Shalam family. Another great lesson. Those who have ears, let ‘em hear. Love you family. Shalam and Baracks to all. 💕

  13. The antichrist is not who you think he is of a skinny legged young lad or in other terms (boy) he has a patch of white hair or (tuft of white hair) at the front of his bald head his eyebrows will reach to his ears literally all the way back to his ears and he shall have palsy on his palms but he is not the christ(messiah) he will do every miracle that exist that our adonai did except raise the dead herein you know he is not the christ.
    When he transforms himself his head will not be able to change (bald head with tuft of white hair) here in you know he is antichrist so sir if you want me to tell you where I got this information and truth just someone reply to me in the comments on the real truth…

  14. The only one pictured that’s even close to being the antichrist is the pope. And he’s nothing compared to THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH.

  15. Thank you for that piece of information. That the most high will reveal who is the anti christ after hearing,revelations chapter 14 9. Can't worship the mark of the beast but most high will expose him.

  16. It is a spirit. It says it will set itself in the temple of Yah, claiming that he is Yah…there's many spirits that are against Christ. We're called to be made in the image of Yah. Yah doesn't look like everyone yet everyone can be made in His image.

    You can also be made in the image of the beastly man. The image of gold, but is not. It's not so much about what he physically looks like but his character.
    1 John 2
    15Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not from the Father but from the world.

    Ecclesiastes 3:18
    I said in my heart, “Concerning the matter of the sons of men, Elohim selects them, so as to see that they themselves are beasts.”

    1King 10:13-15 And Sovereign Shelomoh gave the sovereigness of Sheḇa all she desired, whatever she asked, besides what he gave her according to the hand of Sovereign Shelomoh. And she turned and went to her land, she and her servants. And the weight of gold that came to Shelomoh yearly was six hundred and sixty-six (666) talents of gold, besides that from men of travel, and the profit from traders, and from all the sovereigns of Araḇia, and from the governors of the land.

  17. The Anti-christ is a spirit! Just as the Ruach (holy ghost) is a spirit. Stop looking for a person. We're fighting a spiritual warfare. Look at the deeds of a nation or a people and see who came stealing, killing and destroying! And have continued to do so through lies and deceit

  18. APTTMH🙌🏿🙌🏿 Another wonderful and Blessed lesson🙏🏿🙏🏿May YAHUAH continue to Bless Brother Watchman and his Family🙏🏿🙌🏿Thank you so much, SHABBAT SHALOM FAMILY💗💞🙏🏿

  19. Why can't we see that only the white Jesus has done all that Yeshua has done except "raise the dead". The true Christ isn't Jesus! It's Yeshua. Any other name besides Yeshua does not have all power! Satan has deceived the world

  20. The symbol for the mark of the beast, which points to 👉 the antichrist can be found by translation back into the original, ancient Greek language, and you will see it–Revelation 13:18; 1 Kings 10:14 (KJV). For example, when you translate the English word "omega" back into the ancient Greek language, it is the Greek omega symbol.

  21. Shabbath Shalum Mispacha Beautiful Wonderful Awesome Amazing Simply Brilliant Shabbath Bible Study Lesson TODAH ABBA YAH! Definitely Needed Thank You Brother Watchman Yahu and Sister Deborah Yah!!💙💙💙💙💙

  22. Thank you Watchman Yahu for this blessed and thought provoking message. A lot of nuggets were given to us. Blessings to you, Sister Deborah and your family. All praises to the Most High YAH!!!!!! 🙏🏾

  23. Trumps Son in law fits the Anti Christ Jared Kushner
    Kim Clements prophecy was God Speaking of Trump in his favor
    I also heard Jared Kushner was taken out 2 years ago

    Please also watch Trey Smith God in a Nutshell YouTube
    Start with The video Meaning of Resh 2020 please I urge you. Thank You Blessings sent

  24. In some countries they already a mark under there skin to work or get into your apartment buildings. Check it out in England. Their getting those people accustomed to having a code under the skin.

  25. Forever thankful that the Rûach led me to this channel. There is only one Yah, and it is the Yah of Israel. May Yah continue to bathe us in His Truth and May He/we reach others so that they may be yoked with Him as well, amen. 🙏🏽

  26. I believed and still lean as the pope, because anti Christ is thought of as in place of.

    And other characteristics of the pope, and the changing of times a laws, and more of course the world 🌎 wondering after him.

  27. TMH has us headed to The motherland like the other Israelites who are already there or still leaving. EXODUS we do believe in. SHALOM

  28. Brother watchman Blessings to you and your family thankyou for another wonderful lesson APTTMH 🙏🏼

  29. 1. Apocalypse of Elijah 3:14-18
    2. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3
    3. 1 John 2:18
    4. Revelation 13:10
    5. Daniel 7:7-11
    6. Revelations 13:1-18;19:19-20

  30. Antichrist means opposing god so r reagon was a Antichrist and he is a stamp in American history, very important.


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