Who Picked the UN Security Council? (Short Animated Documentary)

The UN Security Council has five permanent members who wield great influence over international affairs. But who picked them? Who decided who got a seat and who didn’t?


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Comment (47)

  1. I heard somewhere that Stalin was against France being a permanent member of the Security Council. He was quoted to have said that Poland did more to fight Germany when France was nominated.

  2. There are 10 other member nations on the Security Council. They just are not "permanent members" and don't have veto power. They are elected for fixed terms.

  3. It's still a mystery to me that after the collapse of the Soviet Union that Russia just magically got to take the USSR's spot everywhere. I mean they were hardly the same country anymore AND they were a failed state.

  4. "The UN security council picked the UN security council"
    Yep, figured as much.
    "Except for France"
    Huh, this video turned out less obvious than I thought it would, nice.

  5. The United Nations really is just window dressing to feign international stability and the Security Council the old guards club.

  6. UN security council is irrelevant without Brazil and India.. India alone represents 15% of earth population.

  7. The UN security council is kind of getting obsolete in terms of how much power it gives to its permanent members. Countries like the US, Russia and China use it to bully others into complacency and inhibit global progress when unjust wars and other actions are undertaken by those countries. General assembly should have more power to bring about resolutions that condemn atrocities that only one member of security council needs to approve or tolerate to stifle the ability of the UN to condemn them.

  8. It is a bit odd that there were no parameters designated to determine how and when the membership of the security council could change to reflect changes in geopolitics.

  9. The “Allies” did. India should be on. Instead of fighting a revolutionary war against the British Empire when WW2 broke out, India maintained its colonial status and provided hundreds of thousands of troops to fight the Japanese in Burma and elsewhere. It was after the end of WW2 that India diplomatically obtained its independence. They were an ally during WW2. They should be on the UNSC.

  10. India should be included. It is inconceivable that the world's fifth-largest economy, fourth military power, and the second largest country in terms of population is not a permanent member of the Security Council, while Britain and France are !!

  11. The fact that these were also the first 5 states with nuclear weapons is probably purely coincidental and played absolutely no part in their selection…

  12. Happy to say no to the US xD. In fact, France and the US are the only two major nations that have never been at war against each other. Always on the same side. ** 7 years war counts as France vs UK's empire ** . Long live the US-France alliance. The U.S. finds in France a true independent friend, not a puppy like the UK.

  13. europeans discriminating around the world
    birts doing the same while also calling other europeans barbarians

  14. some famous statements of UNSC :
    -we will be in charge , and those of you who don't agree can go back to your s*it hole countries
    -Yes guys we are all one … and those of you who don't agree can go back to your s*it hole countries

  15. The five permanent members should be People's Republic of China from Asia 🇨🇳 United States of America from North America 🇺🇸 Russian Federation from Europe 🇷🇺 Federative Republic of Brazil from South America 🇧🇷 From the French Republic in Africa 🏳 The United Nations headquarters is located in the Commonwealth of Australia in Oceania 🇦🇺 Sorry the flag of the French Republic is wrong🇫🇷

  16. I've often wondering how France got in there and thanks to this video, I finally have an answer!

  17. Turns out it doesn't matter how many members you have on the security council if you have veto power any single Security Council member has all the power to paralyse the security council and act as they wish.

    But then the USSR stormed out of the Security Council and couldn't veto the SC resolution to stop the UN from authorising intervention in the Korean War.

  18. Russia is not a permanent member and doesn’t have a veto. The Soviet Union was and did; but the USSR no longer exists. So their permanent seat isn’t permanent anymore and their veto no longer exists.

  19. I think it is extremely immoral to have "permanent members" in this council for that means each of these 5 nations can pretty much do as they please and still be one of the major powers of the world. I don't think that is right. Maybe it made sense right after the 2nd world war, but the world has changed and we are in danger of everyone loosing their freedom because of alliances like this. For isn't it a bit of a joke that the 5 permanent members of the UN security council has been 5 of the countries who has done the most to threaten the security of everyone else?

    For the UN to have any meaning at all, then a nation who attack another nation unprovoked should loose its membership for 50 years or so, then we might actually have hope of security or peace. Makes no sense to have a security council who don't care about people being secure. Its their own security they care about.

  20. It's a good balance: US and UK on one side, Russia and China on the other, with France being defiantly neither in the middle. Clowns to the left of them and jokers to their right.

  21. Adding the Taiwanese flag for China in the beginning confused me! But overall I feel the UN balance is wrong. The representation is out of date and a legacy of WW2. EU needs to be represented as a whole not just France – in the same way as USSR changed to Russia. Japan and India are also missing. But who gets to sit on the council will always be unfair as it is driven by economics and power. Germany and Japan were excluded after Ww2 because of atrocities. But we’re almost 2 generations on. Possibly we need to have a clause to remove members who commit atrocities and they are banned for 50 years?

  22. That characters falling with the thumping sound is so funny. I can't stop laughing. I also find the unimpressed half-closed eyes and the shrewd/suspicious eyes of some of the characters. All around funny animation on top of being unique in style. Very entertaining videos in addition to educational.

  23. Alternate members of UN Security Council:

    British Empire
    German Empire
    Russian Empire
    Empire of Japan
    Greater American Empire, after 1992 USA


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