Who were the Nations that Almost Joined the Axis in WW2?

Who were the Nations that Almost Joined the Axis in WW2?

Germany, Italy, and Japan. The trifecta of World War Two’s Axis Powers. While they would eventually lose the war, the Axis started off with the appearance of a threateningly formidable trio, and they almost managed to convince some of the war’s neutral nations to swing over to their side. Bribes from the Germans and prior support from Axis powers had a handful of countries weighing the idea of joining the alliance; although, for the most part, this wouldn’t really happen. However, more nations than many people realize almost joined the Axis…so who were they? And why?…

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  1. While I find the topic very interesting, I don't find your video very informative since i have studied this very topic for 40 years.
    In fact there is zero mention of the Salazar designed Iberian pact with Spain in 1940 that predated the Hitler -Franco meeting. in fact the Portuguese govt had informed Britain that while neutral it would abide by the 1386 treaty. and would tie Spain into a non aggression pact to neutralize any chance of Spain entering Spain into the axis . ( this being done by various FM/ambassador exchanges at highest levels in Portugal/Spain and Britain ,
    equally important Portugal asked Germany for hard currency or gold payment . whereas Salazar set up a 60 million GBP facility for Britain that was only payable 5 years after the war. this facility would grow to 600m GBP and never complained about it and waited till 1950 to 1955 to spend it all in British goods and trains and equipment. Sweden
    and other neutrals took Germany cash and gold and demand GB to pay in hard cash and gold also.
    Portugal was also only neutral country NOT to impose currency controls thought the war. allowing refugees and other to pass without gauging them. in fact ambassadors in France saved up to 35000 hews and Portugal ambassador in Hungary save hundreds in his house and granted visas the same to thousands . and Jewish relief center in Paris was immediately closed and relocated to Lisbon when Paris surrendered.
    all these in direct opposition to axis. In fact in September 1939 Salazar predicted an allied victory after a long war.
    last but not least American had 3 plans to invade Azores, Britain 2 and Germany 2. the only thing Salazar ever fought for was Portugal independence and right to defend itself by installing 37500 troops in Azores 12000 in madeira and 9000 in cape Verde. NOT a small task when the entire army was 64000 strong in 1939.

    last point I am proud of my fellow Portuguese Avante Lvsitania , Leugim and PT lemon . they are very good solid comments Obrigado amigos .

  2. The Shah and Ayatolah's of the area DID ally themselves with the Axis, particularly Germany. They adopted the name "Iran" as it is the Persian/Farsi word for "Aryan"! It was the antisemitism of the Muslims working with the NAZI's that actually led to the "final solution" that intended to exterminate ALL Jews. This is documented, historical FACT that modern academia, also antisemitic, has been covering up to avoid exposing the Muslim complicity in the Holocaust! Do your own research and don't forget, you can't trust any one source! Multiple confirmation from different sources can illuminate that hidden in the darkness.

  3. I attempted to go through all the comments and am frankly shocked that no one mentioned the critical country that, if not for a forbidden love, may have joined the Axis and likely changed the course of history for both Europe and Asia: England.

    Yes, Britain won against the Kaiser, but that did not change the last name of the Royal Family: Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, "pseudonymized" to "Windsor" not coincidentally in 1917 to distance itself from its German heritage. They named themselves after the ancient castle outside of London. The castle was not named after them.

    However, I have read in many, MANY sources that King Edward VIII and his American divorcee lover Wallis Simpson were Nazi sympathizers. Apparently, King Edward gave Hitler a full Nazi salute on one occasion. To marry his divorcee lover, the King abdicated the throne to his brother, who then mobilized England against the Nazis for the duration.

    King Edward VIII was a charismatic king. Had he chosen country over love, he at the very least would have signed a non-aggression treaty with the Nazis. He might have even restored the German family name! The video itself indicated the influence that the British had with Spain and Portugal. But I cannot imagine for a second that Britain would have colluded to transferring its Jewish population, whether in England or in Palestine, to the Germans.

    I continue to believe, like so many, that Germany's biggest mistake was opening a second front to the East. If Germany did not break its non-aggression treaty with the Soviets, then it would not have mattered whether England joined the Allies or the Axis. Western Europe would have become fully Axis. The only issue then would have been whether Germany would have pushed further west.

    Apparently, and I have learned this only recently, there was a concerted effort in the 1940 U.S. elections to turn Americans away from FDR, while the U.S. was still isolationist, funded by the Nazis. Were term limits in place in 1940, FDR would not have been re-elected in 1940. And WWII could have ended very differently.

    The science fiction author Philip K. Dick wrote the book "The Man in the High Castle", where the Eastern half of what is today the Continental United States is occupied by the Nazis and the Western third by the Empire of Japan. Fascinating stuff.

  4. What is this Alternate History Hub? Iraq DID join the Axis and there were not "clashes" but a full on invasion of Iraq and Vichy French controlled Syria by Commonwealth troops just mere weeks before the Barbarossa campaign in 1941

  5. Germans Did a lot of good things in my country Iran and i wish we could send Oil and Troops to Germany !!!!
    Germany always support Iran independent against Russian and British colonialism
    🇮🇷🇩🇪 Doesn't matter Nazis or Liberals or any other else Be in power in Germany we trust Germany but new day's Germany become Iran's enemy because of USA !!!!

  6. As someone who has studied Salazar,, Portugal was never close to joining the axis, even before the war Salazar didn't like Hitler, and during the war, despite doing business with both sides, they always favoured the allies, and later even gave them an air base in the Açores island


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