Whom the Son has set free is free indeed – ORIGINAL 2016

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Comment (17)

  1. Praises to most high YAH Shalom I thank Yah each day for our Teachers you all are NECESSARY in these trying times. Again 🙏 Thank you all

  2. I messed up after I was saved I didn’t know how to follow the Word or study so I just read the Bible but I wasn’t always understanding what I was to do. So I ended up back into the hands of those The Most High removed me from and now they’ve risen against me at home and saying I’m a fanatic. I need to leave this place ASAP. We MUST TAKE THE WORD SERIOUSLY!!! I’m praying YAH will make a way out in the next couple days…

  3. Shalom Brother and Sister! I would love to attend the event. Where can I get more info about it? I would love to participate and assist in any way I can. I seem to be missing you anouncements and definitely need to get in the loop. I attended your 2nd live zoom event and Iwant to make sure I stay in communication with the family. What is your contact info?

  4. Is it possible for the praises you had us repeat be posted so that I may have them with me and learn them better please. I’m having trouble fully getting every word.. Anyone? Please? Thank you!! YAH IS FOR US!!!!

  5. Shalom Family, I would like to attend events. Its a little challenging, I rather not say it here. Could you please reply and send me contact information. Thank you both ( and children listen to them as well) for planting and watering my seed. May Yah continue to Bless your house.


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