Why Are Maps of Antarctica So Detailed?

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  1. In olden times, the map would have been a puzzle and when you know the other peices are in place and your puzzle is about to complete you know very well to where these peices are gonaa go and it made the process easy and map more detailed

  2. At my university, the University of Pretoria, there is active research being conducted on Antarctica by the geography department. It's interesting to note that two of my geology professors have actually mapped the continent, showcasing the level of expertise within our faculty. It's a significant area of study, and the research being conducted could have significant implications in our understanding of the planet.

  3. The maps are fake.. any google earth image is false also.. nasa and the governments don’t want us to know the truth.. they don’t want us to go there.. look up videos of the world being flat.. even though nasa already took down the truth and put up what they want us to see 😒 we’ve been lied to about our own planet.. that’s why there is no real evidence of the world being round

  4. Because no one is allowed to go to the North pole. The whole world agreed we won't touch it.

    But I not sure why we call it the pole anymore. The magnetic north is closer to Siberia at this point.

  5. Because all the major powers already divvied all the places. When the climate goes to shit, it might be the only place to live. Or at least it will open up a shit ton of natural resources.

  6. The same reason that the North and South poles of the moon are so much better mapped than the far side: Mapping satellites orbit over the poles every single orbit, but only orbit over the rest of the surface very infrequently.

    Also the near side of the moon is different because we can map that way more easily with a big telescope

  7. In 2018 researchers released a super high resolution terrain map called the Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica, or REMA, which made it the best mapped continent on Earth. The purpose is to study changes to the planet and to better understand climate change

  8. piri riez or what ever his name what an Arabic guy who copied apparently older maps what they know thing where maybe out of the library of Alexandria before it burnt down sank whatever


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