Why are so many people not hearing the voice of Yah?

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  1. Hi Watchman Reports, newly awaken Hebrew Israelite here so my question is does Yah speak to us in different ways? I too have heard a voice before but I dont hear it often. Sometimes I just get a feeling where I am compelled to write something down and put it out to people, or a song comes into my mind that I just create worshipping Yah, or sometimes it a scriptures that jumps out at me and moves me. Is that the spirit moving? I want to overcome my doubt because I am trying to follow Yah to the best of my ability, but I don't always hear a voice.

  2. everything you are saying is key..headphones will lock in the word….powerful video every time

  3. I've been wanting to get baptized, but there's no one in my area who knows YAH! And I can't afford to leave state and come back to my state to get baptized! do you call yourselves Messianic or Mashiachiym?

  4. Hello I'm a white south African I'm so happy for you you've helped me my mom and brother so much to see the truth we were never interested in anything until you came over us to show us the truth to follow Yeshuha and our Elohim my your entire family be blessed and protected safe to bring more truth to us your the only ones thanks alot

  5. One time when I was praying in my living room, I was seeking The Most High about how many days and nights he wants me to fast, not long into the Prayer he spoke and said FOUR.

  6. deborah and watchman yah . please email me information about your ministries and all of your contact information .my email address is michaelpatrickdjarmotsky611@gmail.com

  7. deborah and watchman yah please mail me general information and general littiture about your ministries .my name is michael djarmotsky . my telephone number is 1-519-256-4497 .my mailing address is 1129howard avenue windsor ontario canada n9a1s6 .my email address is michaelpatrickdjarmotsky611@gmail.com thank you

  8. All esteem glory honor an the highest level of praise to Yahuah our Abba through Yahusha Ha'Mashiach our Big Brother! Another beautiful lesson, I just love the way Yah uses you all as his vessels to reach out to those of us who are willing to listen learn & take heed. Your lessons are packed with Yah's wisdom an you dispense his warm tough love & truth that is so easy for us to innerstand. Im so thankful to Yah that I am able to comprehend his word through your lessons. I'm just so humble &, thankful. One love in Yah πŸ™ŒπŸΎ πŸ’ž Shalom aunty, uncle & family πŸ€—

  9. Hello thank you for a great study it's been so inspirational I actually cried during the first part because it's been a while since I've done one of these studies just a quick question why do you say Jews when this refers to the tribe of Judah only not to the Israeli nation?

  10. Hi brother & sister! I have learned so much viewing the video's. When the Word says, "those who has an ear Will hear! I finally feel like I belong! I've was baptized and raised Lutheran and have recently cut my studies and fellowship with the Jehovah's witnesses due too scriptures being omitted. The one in particular is Matthews 18.11. This scripture prompted me too research deeper and has opened up what I consider, "A Whole Knew life". I was actually angry and felt sorry for myself when I got this TRUTH, now I'm bitter because people (mainly family and friends) are treating me as I'm crazy and i don't know what I'm talking about, but at the same time, can't take me too the scriptures too prove nothing! And get upset with me because I can show them from the scriptures. When I watch a video, you best believe I'm writing down scriptures and following along. I don't want to be apart of that delusional spirit YAH will or is sending about and I definitely don't want to be in that reprobate state. It sad because, of 56 years of living, I'm just learning these scriptures and what they means. Another scripture that was omitted, is the one that says, " those who have an ear will hear". My youngest son and one of my sister's are witnesses. Too show them that it's in revealation YAH kept saying those words too the churches….. The elder told them not too listen too others and that, when they translated, they didn't find anything too substantiate those scriptures that was omitted. From infancy i was taught this garbage and i know from infancy I must be transformed! Im so ready

  11. I support all your teaching from the true words of God,

    Q: what does the word say, my name shall be great among the Gentles, the Gentles Dont call on any other name… please explain this passage

    Thank you

  12. Very detailed information about asking in prayer, you both break the passage in very good details. β™₯οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ˜Š

  13. Sister Deborah" did you and your husband hear GOD'S voice about starting this ministry together? Just curious I just love how you all bring the word together to where we could understand it.
    Love you 😍 all GOD BLESS YOU ❀


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