Why BTS Have to Serve in the Military

Part 1:


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Comment (44)

  1. I dont really care but the funny thing is that the government is making them serve while the guy in charge of the government(president) didnt even serve himself so i dont see the unfairness

  2. I believe they should go, even if they didn't want to (which apparently they did? Good on them!). Aside from setting an example, they can be a huge morale boost for the military. They don't necessarily need to fight in the front line. Yes, it isn't fair for those who are forced to find the front lines, but there is a lot of importance to morale, and it should never be underestimated.

  3. I remember when I was traveling and moved into a new room, where there were three Korean guys. I had a military style backpack then of green camouflage,and they all pointed it and asked me if I was ever in a military. They said they never wanna remember of their time in the military, but not for the hard training, the isolation from families and girls and stuff, but for bullying. I am Japanese and grow up with “senior superiority” bs everywhere, and know that Is even worse in Korea. Can’t even imagine what they’d been through, all their sacrifices

  4. I think you need to more critically examine what "re-energising people's view of military service" actually means – you're talking about government-backed, military propaganda.

  5. Yes they should enlist just to be fair to others. They’re gonna enlist long time before the government decision, just because of some factors delaying their plans.

  6. The country exempted thousands of ppl in diff field every year with reason less than wht bts hv done, im just not liking the difference they showing towards bts.
    But anyway, moving on… bts already said they will serve. Im just hoping the military & politicians will bavk off , stop making up ways to use bts as money maker while they serve, just let them serve safely & leave them alone.

  7. Personally, I don’t think anyone should be forced to serve in any military. But, if you’re going to force some people to serve, you absolutely should not have exceptions for the rich and famous.

  8. Yess so that is the conundrum. 😟 Korea was aware of the good bts provides to their nation but at the same time it is a duty that all males fulfill in their country (minus some exceptions). They had trouble deciding this i know. 🙁

    A yway the members decides to go on their own.

  9. Yes, BTS should serve in the military. All in all, they are just a boy band group (with several accomplishments) and other boy band groups like BigBang (helped with the Hallyu wave) had to serve in military. So BTS should not be exempt from serving in the military.

  10. You are most on point except that BTS serving in military cannot improve the army's image. Everyone hates the army in Korea for various reasons. For example, they conscript almost every men even those with physical or mental disability. There were instances when sons of wealthy and powerful were given the privileges of having comfy posts. And most of all Korean army have the history of underpayment and disgustingly bad welfare towards its conscripts.

    However since most of the men in Korea have already served it even the BTS CANNOT escape from it. Otherwise you will literally face the outpouring anger of Korean men. Basically if you are born as male in Korea, there is no escape from military. It's all because of Steve Yoo, who abused every existing privileges and loopholes at the time to escape from conscript ,despite his promise to serve in it. After such incident the blazing public anger forced the government to change its conscript laws to the current state.

  11. Wouldn’t it be something if children of senators, house of reps, were all required by law to send one child for military service. Kind of like nobles were required at some point in history.


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