Why China is So Damn Big

How China Stole All This Land
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Every country has an origin story, but some are more complicated than others. Here’s why China isn’t as big as you think.

The best book on this we found in our research was “The Invention of China” by Bill Hayton:

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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Comment (41)

  1. People may criticize this for dismissing historical assimilation but… it’s honestly not relevant. In the past it was wrong, so why is it not wrong now too?

  2. Do about Myanmar next time, we(Burmese, Muslim, Chinese, and lots of minorities) are dying over here every day by our military government. Please shed the light on us.

  3. 13:39 no no no no, we rebiuld them not b/c they are to islamic, but too ISIS! Chinese islam temple has it's uniqe style, even older then this like of 'onion head'. we are not rebuild them, but SOMEPEOLE rebuild those old chinese style islam temple in the last 20 yrs, and we just re-rebuild those.

  4. Not just the European handbook it's also from the American handbook.., basically its expansionism 101 for Mega Countries,

  5. I've been onto the Uighar thi g for years the vice doc is mad where the bird sneaks into that area, very scary, it's literally genocide

  6. As a Chinese person (not from China, just ethnicity), the CCP and their disgusting leaders are the most anti Chinese people in the world. The great leap backwards kill more Chinese than anyone in the world that was labelled racist. XJP and the CCP is worst than Stalin and Hitler, they kill more people on earth by covering up the CCP virus. Let's not forget about the Tiananmen massacre in 1989.

  7. Disgusting. China is literally the opposite of what I call civilization. To be utterly influenced and have grown up by Western civiliation, where practically anything that China does, is, produces today is Western of origins. Doesn't matter if it's light, electricitry, industry, technology, infrastructure, skyscrapers, boats, cars, trains, airplanes, military, computers, internet, ANYTHING. And yet when it became big and strong itself it went on having FULL on boarder issues with 17 countries, wiping out various peoples and different cultures inside the nation and more. This is literally the biggest shame one can imagine

  8. Hey Johnny. I feel you missed a lot of context by not including the 1911 Xinhai Revolution (founding of the Republic of China and the end of the Qing Dynasty) or the warlord era following it. Many of the regions claimed by the CCP have it origins from Qing empire which many had brief independence from the Xinhai revolution.

  9. What is scary is the USA thinks it's the biggest bully on the block and hate it when they are challenged let's face how this all really works in our world today. Both powers have ZERO RIGHTS to our world make no mistake about what a bunch of monsters each and every one of these so-called superpowers are.

  10. Would love, love Johnny and family to live in China for a period of time. Then tell a story again. Being a good story teller is an art, being able to tell the story from a prospective within will be a gift -to the world.

  11. I usually like your videos a lot, but this one is bad and missing a lot of context. For one chinese civilization originated in the yellow river.

  12. Can you make a video about the Philippines claiming Sabah,Malaysia?

    Im from Malaysia,Sabah.

    I do not wanted Sabah to be absorbed into the Philippines.

    Our life quality is already bad,its going to be worse if we got invaded by them.

  13. I bet Johnny Harris has not studied China seriously at all, if he did, he would know very well, ask ohnny Harris to search for "Imperial Edict of the Abdication of the Qing Emperor"

  14. The Chinese threat theory is only popular under the narrative logic of developed countries. In fact, for most countries, China just provides another option, which is expected to break the developed national interest transmission chain, so it is regarded as a threat.

  15. So basically Xi Jinping is like Abraham Lincoln, unifying a nation divided against itself, by force if necessary.

  16. Now you are taking the preposterous step to question the history of China. That’s Absolute Absurdity! Please study the history of the US and the whereabout of the native americans. Arrogance is a sin.

  17. they are talking about civilization, not just "states". for example, the current chinese writing system is around 5k years old and is still evolving. the fact that there were many chinese states does not mean that the chinese civilization "stopped".

  18. Ugh your thesis, that China has never been united, has been something I've been thinking about when the second round of Umbrella protests were happening in Hong Kong.

  19. What Xi is talking about sounds more like an ethno-state of the Han Chinese people, rather than a nation like the United States, which I could see how that makes the 5000 year claim makes sense in Xi's head.


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