Why couldn’t the Romans conquer Scotland?

Why couldn’t the Romans conquer Scotland?

Gnaeus Julius Agricola would make a name for himself, etched forever in the history books, as the Roman who conquered Caledonia. Though he didn’t fully seize what we know today as Scotland, his invasion would prove to be a significant event in both Roman and Scottish history for many years after.

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  1. The thing is, the Romans poured quite a lot of effort time and resources into capturing Caledonia. They built two very expensive defensive walls, some of the largest Roman camps in Europe have been discovered in NE Scotland today. So clearly Rome did put a lot of effort into Caledonia, the efforts never came to much. Clearly Caledonia was a symbol of defeat for the Romans in some respects and they clearly wanted to prove a point several times, with several Ceasers trying to subjugate it.

  2. Imagine you're a Roman and some Scottish men throwing filth and turds to you and the smells and the poop in front of you then they facial their faces with poops.

  3. Emperor Severus did the real life equivalent of losing the monopoly game so throwing the whole board in the air.

  4. Silly question. A better one would have been "Why would have teh Roman Empire have wanted to conquer Scotland….?"

  5. The Romans went into Scotland found nothing worth taking and no one worth taxing, built a wall to mark the northern boundary of the empire, just like all the other walls they built.

  6. Your maximum Roman borderline is exactly along the Highland boundary, basically anything north was mountain ⛰️ ous.
    That's the real reason

  7. not why couldn't they??? why would they??? there isn't that much there today. back in Pictish times a lot of the country was either forested or simply mountainous. the Romans could only maintain a colony if it was worth the expense. most Roman provinces had a legion each to garrison it – Britannia had more than 3 for much of its occupation, some 400 years .. it was already an expensive province to maintain.

  8. The real reason they didn’t conquer Scotland is because they observed that it was the biggest shithole they had ever witnessed.
    They knew that they would never make them civilised as the people were off their faces on drugs and drunk constantly and had not had a wash since the midwife had hold of them.
    It was impossible to try to educate them and they couldn’t string two recognisable words together.

    The Romans also observed that legionnaires would rather have sex with their horses than the women that Scotland had to offer.
    Shortly after the emperor Hadrian ordered that a wall was built as quick as possible to contain the scum.
    2000 years later and the situation is sadly the same.

  9. it is important to note that scotland looke completely different than today. scotland was entirely covered in dense forests. and it was considerably warmer.

  10. The actual ignorance of people on here. The Picts weren't as backward as you all think. They had watermills, were master builders and expert blacksmiths. The more archaeology digs on Pictish and Gaelic sites the more they realise the Romans were lying. And Rome was ruled by egoistical maniacs who wouldn't have rested until Caledonia was conquered. There's Roman bridges and roads, which they wouldn't have built if they had no plans to conquer. Go to the library FFS, don't get your history off of you tube!!


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