Why did Czechoslovakia Collapse?

Czechoslovakia was birthed in 1918 as the Austro-Hungarian Empire neared its demise and some of its provinces decided to unite in response to their vastly similar cultures, languages, and people.

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  1. Czechoslovakia didn't "collapse". It's just that Slovakia wanted to be independent, that's all. I lived there during the transition (1991-92). It was not such a traumatic thing but really quite — I would say — "friendly".

  2. My family came from Czechoslovakia to the US in the 1920s. Half of them remained. My grandmother visited her brothers in 1972..she was appalled by communist rule. Then over the years we grew apart.

  3. I recalled it happened like this:

    Slovak: We want to be a different country.
    Czech: OK then.
    Slovak: Also, Slovak is a totally different language.
    Czech: Sure.

    Basically, Czech and Slovak are cultured, civilized people, and it was no big deal.

  4. There is little love lost here in the States between the “red” and “blue” areas. In fact, it wouldn’t take much for these two groups to go their own ways—they truly despise one another. The only thing holding the whole rickety house together is an overbearing Federal government, which, in actuality, is growing weaker with each passing year. Some states, such as Texas and California, are already charting their own course(s). Will this separation be violent or velvet? Stay tuned. ⚔

  5. This account is extensively…. rubbish. I knew a key member of Civic Forum, which took charge after the Velvet Revolution. I have been advised that the entire affair was choreographed months ahead, as part of a deal between the USA and Soviet Union. The Czech secret police stopped keeping records a week before the Wenceslas Square demonstration, another indicator of orchestration. Dubcek was likely assassinated, I was told by someone who worked closely with him, the car wreck being, yes, orchestrated. And the split-up had many possible historical reasons, but would not have happened had the West not had its heart set on splitting up its new territories into easier to manage bits, as was the parallel fate of Yugoslavia.

  6. I have a friend from Slovakia. She said pretty much the same thing. It was primarily the politicians who wanted the split, not the Czech and Slovak people.

  7. I'd be interested to see what exactly binds the Czechs themselves together, it seems like many regions in one country. We have a Moravian Church in my town and region in North Carolina, showing just how far the Czechs travelled, while I have a cousin who is part Slovak, so I like to say I have an excuse for connection to this region. I'd love to see both countries, both are very impressive. Slovak is an easier language, though, Czech seems a bit crazy!

  8. The documentary fails to mention what were the reasons for the split other than there were “differences”. It spends too much time on history under Soviet (or Communist) rule. What has the Velvet Revolution got to do with the split? Czechoslovakia was free to decide her own destiny finally but is that a reason? No!

  9. I have never heard an English man go on about how the Czech and Slovavacs should would better together.
    But in spite of the facts a lot of English recent Scotland, for reasons I don't understand they insist on Scotland remaining in the union

  10. Its about representation. Czechia has more population and Slovakia is more rural. Essentially giving them little say in government. My great grandmother was from Slovakia, and spoke fondly of "the old country", but said life in the US was much more prosperous. She still ate almost nothing but cabbage, kielbasa and various pickled items till her death at 100+ though lol

  11. My mother's parents came to the U.S. from Slovakia just before the First World War. Because of this I know something about the differences between Slovaks and Czechs. Slovakia is more rural than Bohemia, and the Czechs looked upon the Slovaks as country bumpkins, while the Slovaks looked upon the Czechs as snooty city slickers.

  12. Here in Iran most people still call it Czechoslovakia. Many don't even know they're separated! Soon as you say you're from Czechia, ppl will call out Czech glass and their soccer players! I have 3 friends in Czechia, one of which is the best friend I could have.

  13. First of all, Nazi Germany occupied Czhechoalovakia along with Faschist Polland in 1938.

    Secondly, in 1968 the main actor of invasion was…Polland.

    Was it worth splitting the country and changing the Soviet dictatorship for Germany dictatorship in EU?

  14. useless video. after watching it, the only thing I learned is that Czechs and Slovaks are not identical and don't have identical cultures. no specific explanation or details at all as to what exactly were the reasond for the split…

  15. If most Asians have different language culture but can united under the same ethnic group, why Europeans cannot? All I see is that europe only just glorifies sub cultures and only country like France Russia england that truly united

  16. Your map is all WRONG! Austria was NEVER behind the iron curtain! Oh, Stalin tried by taking it over but Roosevelt and Churchill made it clear before wars end that Austria was NOT going to the Eastern sphere! They TRIED with Czechoslovakia which is why it was a Democracy until as it said above 1948 when things had died down and Roosevelt and Churchill were both out of power. Stalin made his move like it said above in 1948.

  17. Married couple stayed together despite constant trouble with neighbours. Once neighbourhood issues were resolved they got divorced because the lawyers said it was a good idea.

  18. Nationalism. Just like the break up of Yugoslavia and Soviet Union. Multi culture and Multi Ethnic nations do not well over the long term. If and when Cinese communst party ends, China will split across various ethnic states. It's the reason Africa never consolidate into one nation. They don't call themselves Africans, but Ugandan, Kenyan, Ethiopian, Sudanese, Egyptian, Moroccan, etc. Difference too many.


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