Why did France invade Mexico in 1862?

Why did France invade Mexico in 1862?

War and history, though not necessarily commendable, tend to go hand in hand. Countless military conflicts ranging from small-scale skirmishes to full-blown world wars have plagued the globe for centuries upon centuries. Because of this, we often forget or overlook quite a few interesting battles or wars that have occurred throughout these times. One of these unusual and curious conflicts was the unexpected and theatrical French invasion of Mexico.

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Hubert Howe Bancroft – History of Mexico: Being a Popular History of the Mexican People from the Earliest Primitive Civilization to the Present Time

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  1. Thanks for covering this data.
    Mexico during the Civil War was a strong outlet for cotton;
    Texas and the other states being under blockade.
    I have never seen the size of France's armies in Mexico.
    While Southerners crossed into Mexico at the end of the Civil War,
    I had never heard of Grant and Sheridan sending their troops there.
    Many were sent to protect the Union Pacific railroad then under construction
    out of Omaha.

  2. Good Food, Drink and beautiful Women…….?? It'd be reason enough for me to invade Mexico!

    Why would we wanna fight the French? Because who doesn't wanna fight the French! 🇬🇧👊🏻


  3. Because they wanted gold .just like Spain..not England they just wanted to kill Indians and keep the land ..Look at Canada's moto KILL the Indian, save the person ..what a maggots..

  4. Why did France invade Mexico? For the same reason all countries raid other countries.. to gain POWER.. to gain TERRITORY.. to RAPE, ROB, PILLAGE, and PLUNDER other people..

  5. Meanwhile, in Prussia, a certain fellow named Otto von Bismarck is monitoring this situation with great interest…

  6. Always a good idea, before making an educational film, to learn the pronunciation of the names you're going to say. Like Pu -EH-bla, not POO-bla. And Te-(h)ua-can, not Te-hoo-can.
    Yeah, yeah, "cut the guy some slack" — but Spanish is one of the few languages which is phonetically spelled, and these are among the easier ones to figure out. It's not like he had to talk about Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl, let alone Parangaricutirimicuaro (all real names in Mexico)

  7. If you want to be known as 'Knowledgia', at least get the pronunciation of 'Puebla' correct (time 3:55). ¡¡¡Dios mío, hombre!!! That was just awful. You almost have to try to get that so bad. RT sends, envía, Colonia Centro Histórico, Puebla, México…

  8. All these corrections in this video, makes me question the authenticity of the content. Maybe we need fact check done on this video!

  9. Good Lord, narrator – can you read a script? You completely butchered Maximilian’s final words! A five-year-old could’ve done better. Sheesh!

  10. Too bad the voiceover doesn't match the on-screen text for Max's speech at the end. That's damn near unforgivable.

  11. Could it be take Mexico then get ready to move south and dig a Panama Canal control the choke point? Why the hell not

  12. Actually if you make a neutral observation, it seems like Archduke Macmillan was fighting the CIA and liberal hegemoony ! On behalf of Mexican Nationalists.He was " too liberal" indeed that he was seeing American abuse of liberal values and Democracy by making a mockery of it by sponsoring puppets in the political system.The 2 Generals were " acting on their own" a Covert Operations to topple regime for US President. If you can imagine that, then you will see how he was a hero and was fighting the Deep State proxy wars with Money behind the whole thing.

  13. The same groups of country that in the past invade defenseless country until now they do the same but they use different tactics like accusing a country that they have weapons of mass destruction when that is a big lie

  14. That treacherous opposition that still exist in Mexico a.k.a Salinas de Gortari, Ernesto Zedillo, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon, Enrique Pena Nieto, puppets that were impose by the imperialism in order to prevent Mexico from rising up.

  15. France is and always been a war monger they have been most cruel to own people also other nations
    Yellow vest is recent example


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