Why did Romania join the axis? (Short Animated Documentary)


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Why did Romania join the Axis Powers during World War 2. Self-preservation, mostly.


Germany and the Establishment of the Romanian National Legionary State, September 1940 by Rebecca Haynes.

National Projects, Regional Identities, Everyday Compromises: Szeklerland in Greater Romania (1919-1940) by Stefano Bottoni.

The Dysfunctional Coalition: The Axis Powers and the Eastern Front in World War II by R.L. DiNardo.

Territorial Dimensions of Hungarian Ethnic Identity by George W. White.

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  1. As a Romanian myself I have to say, you were a little too charitable with my country. I mean, sure, everything you said was technically true, but let's not kid ourselves here: Antonescu absolutely was a p.o.s fasho himself (it was no coincidence the "Legion" supported him) and definitely shared many of Hitler's more colorful ideas. Sad as it is to admit, Romania absolutely did some heinous H-word acts on its territory, during its time with the Axis. But yes, the rest of the policitians governing around Antonescu backed up his foreign policy just out of sheer pragmatism.

  2. Good God. Isle of Man, a self- governing British Crown dependency, enters the war on Germany’s side. No, my mistake. Someone has used a ridiculous colour scheme for text and background on the thumbnail.

  3. If the Axis won the war, I heard that Hitler gave his permission that the new king of Romania would be James Bisonette!

  4. as a romanian i can say that this country is a bitch, the leaders dont think about us, they just want what is good for them, in the 2nd ww, they changed sides like pussys rather than not joining axis , anyway when america wins the war romania would have had the land back

  5. That the bonds would go off after we left the area the last person left the area that all went down the tubes when Colonel Keith Compton KK Compton turned at the wrong place and he he destroyed that whole plan and because the other airplanes hit the target that we were supposed to hit and hit other targets too and they were on fire when we got there and we thought by before we arrived there we thought by looking down we could see where the fire was and we thought that maybe the Germans had these smoke pots out so that they were blowing the smoke over the target but that ain't the way it was it was that the other people had found our Target so some of the bombs were even going off frankly I did not see the ground and I was 150 or 200 ft above it around I didn't see it and because it was all on fire and I asked my Bombardier I said where did when did you drop the bombs or how did you know when to drop it he says I couldn't see the ground as is all I did was drop it when there was fire underneath us and he dropped I mean it down Pilots never true people how many of them well it's hard to answer that question because they raid that I was on they lost about 500 and some odd guys and we don't know exactly how many survived in Romania but a year later they went over with with thousands of of airplanes from Italy and it wasn't an easy target and a lot of them were shot down so there could be a lot of prisoners of war from that higher rate or the higher rates rather than from the rate that I was on yes I question because I forgot about it well actually I didn't know anything about the aircraft where it actually landed when it went down there was December the 19th and I was in RR or at R&R and buried by Italy and we were we were having a lot of fun and another crew took the airplane sometimes that happens even though I was quite a commander and they knew that that this would that my airplane would be the last one that they would have to take see anyway a man that Hobby is locating airplanes was up in the hills are they Alps of Italy and he was told about an airplane that did come down during World War II he found the airplane found what was left of the airplane and it turns out that when it hit it's flattered and many of the parts were picked up by the villagers and many of them were Nelda down because aluminum was you know the scariest and the propellers and all those things were all held it down and maybe maybe they were made into pots of something else but there was one part that was used as a doorstop and one of the villagers donated it to the guy that found the airplane and so they took off all the the dirt and everything else off of the bottom of the back of the earth of that part and they found a serial number and there's a man in the United States called Al blue who has a room full of documents about every airplane that was built for the service and they looked it up and they found that that particular production number was from my airplane and that's how they identified it well later on and I don't know why that the the Air Force doesn't have this in their archives but later on in the Air Force went over to England and it went over to all these different places you know to pick up the remains of people and in the churchyard

  6. Well there is actually believed that when Hitler drew the new Romanians map, the Romanian pm literally passed out 😂

  7. Should have mentioned how Romanians lines were the ones that were broken that led to encirclement of General Paulis Sixt Army at the Battle of Stalingrad. Germans so unlucky with their Allie’s, all of them good for nothing!

  8. Hungary and Romania bring on the same team are like the time North Korea and the United States fought together against Somali pirates

  9. A bit more context here: all territorial losses happened in the summer of 1940, after France was occupied by Germany. The fall of France came as a shock to Romania, who suddenly found alone without their main diplomatic ally. In essence, Romania existed because of France: in 1859, when Wallachia and Moldavia united after electing the same prince, it was after Crimea's War. Russia had been defeated by a coalition and France, looking for something to keep the Danube's mouths safe, agreed to and even campaigned for the new state. Romania was supposed to be some kind of Belgium in the East. Later, after the WW1, France wanted again to keep Romania as an ally and agreed to new territorial gains for it. I don't know for other states in the region, but Romanian elite was very pro-France at that time and it had been so since the beginning of 1800s, so about a century before (speaking French was a sign of high education; to see that lasting influence, even after Romania became communist in 1945-1948, French was taught in schools alongside Russian). Having said that, the fall of France in 1940 shattered all Romania's plans going forward and the only logic choice was to get closer to Germany in the face of USSR threat. By that time, USSR had been growing its influence in the Balkans and Romanian politicians were convinced that in a matter of a few years South-Eastern Europe could become communist unless something was done.

  10. It's worth mentioning that Romania sided with the Entente in WW I and was promptly ripped into pieces by Germany and Austria

  11. Why didn’t Romania fight Hungary? They’d probably win. And why did the king invite the Iron Guard guy to be Prime Minister?

  12. Joining Hitler in order to survive doesn't make it any better than joining him for other reasons.


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