Why did so many Germans immigrate to The United States?

Why did so many Germans immigrate to The United States?

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  1. SUPER SUPERFICIAL BUT: If it wasn't for the mass migration of Germans into the USA, white Americans would most likely be as unattractive as the British and Irish. I swear that any European mix with German, Dutch, Swedish or Spanish creates better looking people.

    I swear I can tell what kind of white person an American is by how they look and I usually know who has German ancestry by their good looks lol

  2. It's emigrate not immigrate.
    Emigrate means leaves to live somewhere else.
    Immigrate means to arrive in another country to live.

  3. I'm 1/4 German on my mother's Mother's side and my ancestor Heinrich Gerbe came from Hessen to New York in 1848 if I can remember the documents we found.. And he volunteered for the Union Army in 1864 in his 40s and was wounded in the Siege of Petersburg VA.. The funny thing is his records show he was in Artillery and 150 or so years later I was an Artillery Officer in the Army.

  4. Even England was actually originated from Anglo-Saxons in the Germanic tribe. English people and Germans basically were the same tribe. Maybe they are cousins lol

  5. From what I heard the reason american germans numbers dropped between 1910-1920 was because of World War I or more specifically – the fact that the US and Germany were on the opposing side of the conflict. Many american germans started due to that hide their german origins and started to integrate more and claim to be simply americans in order to avoid any potential trouble.

  6. Thank you for this video. Quick improvement idea: consider enlarging the font of your bubble notes. They are really tiny, as if you don't want us to really read them

  7. During WW1 German culture/language etc. was mainly removed and forbidden in everyday's life in the US.
    That's one main reason, why the german-american culture stopped existing

  8. No problem with Germans going to places, they actually work hard, offer degree level skills and bring something to the table unlike others that shall remain nameless.

  9. This is a great topic. You should make more videos about other ethnic group in the US. For example Latin Americans and how they influenced and contributed to what is America today.

  10. The most populous ethnic group in the U.S. is of british descent, but people don't self-identify due to their early education demonizing the british.

  11. They have been Americanized same as with former British colonies. But they still speak English. They even voted to choose between German or English as official language of USA

  12. Wow!!!This is an extremely so fantastic history of the reasons of the huge number of Germans living in United States and long lives respectively to all of the good people who wanted a better future for themselves respectively and I fully like them settling down there and most of them did their respective Interracial relationships and marriages and were and are living happily and peacefully with Germany recovering from the wars at that time even though,there were some who lived there happily and peacefully despite having a fear of that,good friends!!!LONG LIVES RESPECTIVELY TO ALL THE RESPECTIVE GERMANS AND INTERRACIAL PEOPLE WHO HAVE THEIR RESPECTIVE GERMAN ANCESTRIES DAILY AND EVER IN THIS WORLD AND OTHER PLANETS,GOOD FRIENDS!!!By the way,I am an Interracial person myself who have respective English,Sri Lankan and Indian ancestries and living in Malaysia,good friends!!!🙏


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