Why did the British Attack China Again? – The Second Opium War

Why did the British Attack China Again? – The Second Opium War

By the 1850s, Britain had been attempting to gain even more influence and privileges within China and aimed to take full advantage of its possession of Hong Kong. As part of this strategy, the British began to grant registration for some of the Chinese-operated ships in Hong Kong, with one of those vessels being the Arrow.

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  1. Back in the mid 60s an American religious guy who was allowed to enter China during the Maoist regime when China was completely locked down to foreigners, was invited to speak to our school about what he saw. The thing I remember as a disinterested teenager, is when he said he was talking to an elderly Chinese man as he crossed a river in a boat and the old man said to him; "Come back in 1000 years and lets see who is still going to be here". Don't know why, but that stuck with me all these years.

  2. Russia acturally got more from this war despite didn't participate, because they had an army at the Manchuria border.

    What British and France did is effectively pirating, attack the coast, loot and leave, they couldn't hold any inland city for long.

  3. In the 1600's and 1700's, China was expanding and conquering lands such as Tibet, Xinjiang, Sichuan, etc. Then in the 1800's China began to be conquered. Shows you how quickly a power can fall with inept leaders.

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