Why did the British Attack the Chinese? – The First Opium War

Why did the British Attack the Chinese? – The First Opium War

It all began back in the 17th century when the British East India Company established budding trade relations with China. These ties would strengthen over time as the East India Company grew to dominate European trade with China and eventually led, in the mid 18th century, to the foundation of the Canton System in which the contemporary Chinese Qing dynasty would be able to better control the booming trade with the British.

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Comment (47)

  1. Nothing has changed. The US and Britain and their lackey, Australia, will find another excuse for war with China. There have been no greater greedy lunatics than the British and the USA.

  2. I read somewhere the British Monarchy n Churches are one of the biggest slaves traders n the British one of the biggest drugs dealer in the dark History. Thank you for sharing this good historical information… At least the world comes to know of these so called hypocrite countries…. Now these hypocrites goes around lecturing others about human rights n democracy but in reality many are the worst human rights violators themselves 😡😡😡

  3. Few British people have heard about the Opium War before, their high school education history has not taught such historical incident to them.

  4. The Chinese certainly don't show as much hatred and animosity towards the UK the same way they do for the Japanese for the attrocities they committed during World War 2.

  5. I do not understand, frankly, how a nation the size of China is defeated from a small island in which a few million live. At that time, the population of Britain did not exceed five million and thousands of kilometers away? On top of that, occupy India?!? Is this a joke

  6. Now Great Britain island got occupied by Caribbeans, South Indians, and middle easterns. Britain pride is declining

  7. Countries one day will get there revenge and invade England I bet the Chinese will be the first it's because of England the middle east is weak even though the middle east stopped the mongols otherwise Europe today might be part of china but know the door 🚪 is wide open go china f in the as..s who's going to defend it France 🤣😂 I no china fan but pay back is a bitch

  8. Imagine if all Latino cocaine cartels unite as one and attack the United States because Americans refuse to buy their cocaine. This is basically the Opium Wars in a nutshell, the British attack the Qing Dynasty for the reason that the Chinese don't want any of their Opium, of which in turn the British would buy Chinese tea using the very silver that the British got from selling Opium to the Chinese

  9. The peddling of addictive drugs to another country, and then innocuously narrating it as trade, knowing full well the devastation it brings to another country, is pure evil. All must perpetually be vigilant, less you be fooled again.

  10. So it was just a trade, ha?. Imagine the British reaction to drugs is being sold to the British public from a foreign country. English speaking media is trying to re-write history. India is now claiming Britain robbing its country over $45 trillion. The bill from China will come later.


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