Why did the Mongol Empire Collapse? – The Mongols (Part 2/2)

Why did the Mongol Empire Collapse?

Gradually to due the internal fights for power in such a vast empire, the Mongol empire broke up into four remaining empires: the Yuan of China, established by Kublai Khan, the Chaganate of Central Asia, the Ilkhanate of the Middle East and the Golden Horde. Each one of them will collapse at their own time.

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The History of the Mongol Conquests by J. J. Saunders
The Mongols by David O. Morgan
The Mongols and the West by Peter Jackson

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  1. Um…this video (and I'm going to suspect others as well) is LITERALLY ripped from the pages of Wikipedia almost word for word! I just followed it along! A few words were changed here and there (minor words like "and" or "the") in an attempt to make it more original?

  2. The genuine appearance and essence of Chinghiz Khan, the real History of the Tatars, of many Turkic peoples and Russians:

    First of all it must be said, that in official history there are many falsifications and slanders about the ‘Tatars – wild nomads’ etc., which were written by pro-Chinese, Persian, also both Russian tsars Romanovs and Bolshevik ideologists.

    However primarily we should know the truth about the meaning of the names ‘Mongol’ and ‘Tatar’ (‘Tartar’) in the medieval Eurasia:

    According to many medieval sources, the name ‘Mongol’ until the 17th-18th centuries meant belonging to a political community, and was not the ethnic name. While ‘‘the name ‘Tatar’ was ‘the name of the own ethnos (nation) of Chinghiz Khan'. Also ‘…Chinghiz Khan and his people did not speak the language, which we now call the ‘Mongolian’…’’ (an academician-orientalist V.P.Vasiliev, 19th century). This confirmed by many little known data. So in fact Chinghiz Khan was from among the medieval Tatars and the outstanding and progressive leader of the Turkic peoples.

    About the real faith of Chinghiz Khan and his native people: for example, the Turkish traveler Celebi (17th century) wrote the following from the words of Tatar alims (scientists): ‘It is proved that Chinghiz Khan was a Muslim, and the Tatars professed Islam already during the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)’.

    Also, as Tatar alims told Chelebi, Chingiz Khan had been buried in the Volga region, not far from the city of Astrakhan. Moreover, there is a lot of data about this, hidden from us.

    It is worth saying that according to many little-known data, the ancient and medieval Tatars were a very developed people both in spiritual and material aspects. It was the medieval Tatars who created the first Constitution of Eurasia, which was called in Tatar ‘Great Yasu’ (‘Yasu’ in Tatar means 'Scripture').

    But with time many of their descendants became spiritually disabled and forgot invaluable doctrine and covenants of the creators of Great Yasu…

    So that the Tatars of Chinghiz Khan – medieval Tatars – were one of the Turkic nations, whose descendants now live in many of the fraternal Turkic peoples of Eurasia – among Tatars, Kazakhs, Bashkirs, Uighurs, and many others.

    And few people know that the ethnos of medieval Tatars, which stopped the expansion of the Persians and the Chinese to the West of the World in Medieval centuries, is still alive. Despite to the politicians of the tsars Romanovs tsars and Bolsheviks dictators, which had divided and scattered this ethnos to different nations…

    About everything above mentioned and a lot of the true history of the Tatars and other fraternal Turkic peoples, that was hidden from us, had been written, in detail and proved, in the book ‘Forgotten Heritage of Tatars’ – it is one of books by an independent historian Gali Yenikey, translated in Engilsh.

    There are a lot of previously little-known historical facts, as well as 16 maps and illustrations in this book. This e-book (in English language) you can easily find in the Internet here: https://www.kobo.com/ebook/forgotten-heritage-of-tatars-1 or here: https://payhip.com/b/Xujb

    On the cover of this book you can see the true appearance of Chinghiz Khan. It is his lifetime portrait. In the ancient Tatar historical source ‘About the clan of Chinghiz Khan’ its author gave the words of the mother of Chinghiz Khan: ‘My son Chinghiz looks like this: he has a golden bushy beard, he wears a white fur coat and rides on a white horse’. As we can see, the portrait of an unknown medieval artist in many ways corresponds to the words of the mother of the Hero, which have come down to us in this ancient Tatar epic. Therefore, this portrait, which corresponds to the information of the Tatar source and to data from other sources, we believe, the most reliably transmits the appearance of Chinghiz Khan…’.

    And here's another interesting thing:

    We can't keep silent that some 'very important' official historians try to retell the content (or rather, the concept) of the works of the independent historian Gali Yenikey (Yenikeiev). But they conceal where the information was by them taken from. However it turned out they were unsuccessful and confused – this official historians, apparently, do not dare to show the real history of the Tatars, being afraid of their ‘scientific chiefs’.

    But not only this – see the portrait of Chingiz Khan – see on the 7th minute of the video of the Institute of history of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan (Russia): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WqB71gs5bc&t=2s – also this portrait is shown there both before and after.

    This portrait is reconstruction, which made by Yenikeiev on the basis of a lifetime portrait of Chingiz Khan and of information from the medieval Tatar Dastan (epic) 'About the Origin of Ciingiz Khan', as well as from other historical sources.

    This portrait was used by authors of the video without Yenikeiev's permission and without telling where the portrait came from. This portrait is published on the cover of G. R. Yenikeiev's book ‘Forgotten heritage of the Tatars’: see: https://payhip.com/b/Xujb

    For the first time this portrait was published on the cover of the third book by G. R. Yenikeiev ‘In the footsteps of the black legend’ (published in 2009), see its electronic version: https://payhip.com/b/DNdC

    This ‘creativity’ of the official historians is called among the decent people as plagiarism – that is, as theft.

  3. The Mamlucks saved Europe,and specially Europe,when they dealt several humiliating battles defeats to the savages destructive Mongols hordes; The first major battle was the epic battle at Ayn Jaloot , where more than 55,000 Mongols soldiers were slain ; The Mongols regrouped,and came back ,but were beaten back over and over again ! The world owes a huge gratitude to Islam ,for always saving humanity from evil empires ( Mongols empires,Soviet Empires in Afghanistan,etc….)!


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