Why did the Persian Empire Collapse?

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Why did the Persian Empire Collapse?

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By Charles Chipiez, Public Domain,

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  1. Hello guys! Thanks for watching this video about the Persian Empire. You can also learn more things about ancient or modern history or about other educational subjects by watching awesome documentaries on CuriosityStream. Click this link: http://go.thoughtleaders.io/1650020200112 and register with the promo code "knowledgia" to get a 30-day free trial!

  2. I was about to explain what a nonsense video this was and why, but after reading the comments I found out there's no need for such an explanation since most people (Iranian and specially non-Iranian people) know the truth and the high degree of this channel's biasedness towards Persia. Besides, just take a look at the number of likes this video has got and the whole views of it, it says it all.

  3. We already have conspiracies and revolts… all the US needs is some more assassinations and they’ll be writing about our 21st century collapse in history books.

  4. Cyrus the Great was a Zoroastrian, but not a prophet, but others called him a prophet and learned human rights from him. Abolished slavery. He did not oppress the people of the defeated country and he respected women and children. And they even say that in a failed country, when his assistant talks about collecting tribute and taxes, he says let them pay tribute to me wholeheartedly. He did not de-religionize or de-language in any country. He had only one wife. He died on the borders of his country while defending his country and his body was handed over to Pasargad. And with the infrastructure he designed, half the world lived in glory and peace in the shadow of Iran for 220 years.

  5. Macedonians were not Greeks. They actually slaughtered the Greeks. The Greeks fought for the survival of the Persian empire. So, the last 3 minutes of the video was misleading

  6. Just so you know, Persians pronounce their country like: Eee-raHn. Instead of how you say Eye-ran. Just a lil info for you, loved the video!

  7. Archaemenids: now that the greeks are busy fighting each other we can finally relax
    Alexander the Great:hello there

  8. Apart from the wrong pronunciation of many of the Persian words in this video, It would be more respectful if the name of a country was pronounced correctly.
    Iran sounds like "uh . raan", not "eye . ran".
    Do you pronounce Italy, eye-tely?
    So, why do you pronounce Eye-ran?
    Please check Google Pronounce or YouTube to check the non-English words before making a video.



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