Why didn’t Britain fight in Vietnam? (Short Animated Documentary)


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TL:DW – Had no money. The war was unpopular. Dodged a bullet.


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Comment (22)

  1. Britain fought in Vietnam at the end of WW2 and fought against the communists using Japanese troops!

  2. British were NOT profiteering from unlike U.S. in both world wars. British didn't have "special " relationship they now have. Also Empire was falling apart and couldn't afford another war.

  3. Basically USA, UK, and other NATO countries choose their wars based on their financial dividends. Why do you think anything has changed?

  4. The UK used to send In teams of commandos from British war ships and subs on sabotage mission's, I used to work with an ex seaman who told me they dropped them off at night in rubber dinghies at night and pick them up in the morning.

  5. Great Britain was involved in Vietnam, I wish people would get their facts straight before posting…!!!

  6. I think also that there was an attitude that it was a French colony so let French clean their own colonial mess up they were trying to do with their colonies.

  7. I believe the British SAS were in Vietnam. Not sure what difference it would have made sending troops, most would have been national service as the regulars were thinned out after WW2 or posted to keep an eye on the USSR. I'm still waiting for the Falklands blockbuster to come out and our forces won that war! I don't think we like picking a scab the way the US does, it does give them something to talk about… a bit of History?

  8. (Modern) Britain being ignored by America, and then bad shit happening, seems to occur pretty consistently.
    Not, like, 100% of the time, but statistically significantly.

  9. The ironic thing is that it was initially the Brits and especially the French who dragged the US into Vietnam. And so the quagmire began

  10. Britain DID fight in Vietnam, in1946 the fourteenth army (or, at least a bit of it) Kicked Ho Chi Minh' s butt and was on the verge of finally defeating his soldiers when the French turned up and said "merci beaucoup, mes ami, now we can take over from here". The rest is history

  11. Britain stayed out of the Vietnam war because they didn’t want Mel Gibson to make another war movie against them.

  12. What's not mentionned is that Brits had ALREADY put down the Viet Minh post WWII with the help of Japanese prisoners. It was going well until the French said, 'we'll have our colony back now'.

  13. "Why UK didn't fight in VN war?"
    Because they don't want to be kick ass, done

    Note: Well, actually the UK did have "some" battles in Vietnam before (Probably conflicts with Indochina during the French colonial period) but yeah, they do nothing during VN war


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