Why didn’t Spain Take Back Gibraltar?

Why didn’t Spain Take Back Gibraltar?

The Iberian Peninsula encompasses the territories of Portugal, Spain, and Andorra, as well as part of France and Great Britain…the latter, often being forgotten. But, while the homeland of the former British Empire floats a bit further north than the peninsula, what some don’t always remember is that just below the borders of Spain sits a tiny, yet crucial, piece of land known as Gibraltar. And Gibraltar belongs to the British.

Looking at a map of Europe, however, begs the question: why does Britain own Gibraltar? Why isn’t it part of Spain instead?…

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  1. Time has been fruitful enough to see our generations grow up and pass in Gibraltarian territory. Spain lost any chance of Gibralter democratically going to Spain simply because they took too long.

  2. This video is filled with chauvinism which is not uncommon in British/pirate propaganda. First of the territory Britain calls Gibraltar is nothing more than a colony denomination supported by the UN that is also in process of decolonization. Second, the "Gibraltarians" are not the ones residing in that land but the Spanish people kicked out of their homes that now live in San Roque, and those in "Gibraltar" are colonists without the right to self determination as once again as stated by the UN they are colonists, hence no right to self determination. Third, The X Article of the Utrecht treaty clearly states that only two things were ceded in perpetuity, the fort and the port, no land is mentioned. Forth, the pirates have been stealing land since the beginning and even the land provided by Spain as help during the flu for the construction of a hospital, the land was never given back… pirates deeds indeed. Fifth, the land WILL BE decolonized and the pirates kicked back to their shithole.

  3. I do like videos like this because I feel like when people think about Gibraltar, they thinking oh it's a territory that the british are refusing to let go of but not realising that the people of Gibraltar they voted to remain british a number of times, its not the UK's goverments choice but the people from Gibraltars choice, as it should be.

  4. At least at the Spanish haven't recently tried to go to war over Gibraltar (unlike a certain set of islands near South America (what is it with spanish speaking countries getting a hard-on for our territories?))

  5. Gibraltar has a pretty neat flag! It's the only British Overseas Territory flag to not have the Union Jack! The flag was adopted in November 1982 and is based on the coat of arms of Gibraltar, granted by Royal Warrant from Queen Isabella I of Castile in July 1502! The castle represents Gibraltar's status as a strategic fortress, while the key represents Gibraltar being the key to the Mediterranean.

    The largest battle of the American Revolution by number of combatants didn't even take place in what's now the US! It was actually that time you mentioned Spain tried to take Gibraltar from 1779 to 1783! Spain, joining the side of France, saw Gibraltar as their primary aim. Spain and France had a combined strength of 65,000 while Britain and Hanover defended Gibraltar with 7,500 and 12 gunboats! The assault was a humiliating failure, and a British relief convoy under Howe sneaking in past a barricade and joining the garrison in October 1782 sealed the deal

  6. What of Spain's control of Ceuta and Melilla? The argument is no different to that of Morocco's claim, and many have drawn comparison. I would like you to tackle that one next Knowledgia.


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