Why Didn’t the Allies Get Rid of Franco After the Second World War? (Short Animated Documentary)

Given Franco’s preferences during the Second World War (despite his official neutrality) along with his government’s ideology, why didn’t the allies get rid of him after world war 2? To find out watch this short and simple animated documentary.


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A People’s History of Modern Europe by William A. Pelz

Beyond War Crimes: Denazification, ‘Obnoxious’ Germans and US Policy in Franco’s Spain after the Second World War by DAVID A. MESSENGER

An elephant in the garden: The Allies, Spain, and oil in World War II by LEONARD CARUANA and HUGH ROCKOFF

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Comment (37)

  1. 1:05 leads to "at that point it would be hypocritical."
    lol, the west has Never been dissuaded by hypocracy! They live off it!

  2. It wasn't towards the end of the war. In actual fact even the germans knew nazi germany wasn't going to win in November 1941, when Barbarossa failed to knock out the Soviet Union.
    When they didn't, they were faced with the worlds largest sea Empire and the largest land Nation, which were both out producing them in planes and tanks.

  3. 1945: we can't just start a war against Spain, guys

    1955: through the morning fog I see visions of the things to be
    the pains that are withheld for me
    I realise and I can see

  4. The embargo wasn't used in Spain however Venezuela Russia (since it's navy is concerned for China than Ukraine and economy which Putin is busy on) China & Cuba plus Iran then overtime were added for entities and sanction lists if they did so which USA & Europe surely did.

  5. Being honest, Spain wasn’t exactly “neutral” in the 2nd world war. Franco’s government sent a division of soldiers to help Hitler in the eastern front. Most of the spanish people we know this but is not common knowledge outside Spain.

  6. “I would rather have four of my teeth pulled out than deal with that man again.”
    Adolph Hitler's comment about Francisco Franco after the Hendaye meeting. (1940)

  7. Are you telling me that the good democracies let a fascist government exist because it was convenient??? NOOOOO, IT CAN'T BE.

    Thanks for the video. Great as always

  8. US: "We're setting a coup to oust Franco from Spain"
    UK: "But… communism?"
    US: "Well good fellow, why didn't you say so?! We always loved Franco!"

  9. Franco was just as evil as Hitler and Mussolini in every way. In fact, it was the Nazis and Italy that saved Franco after his first failed coup attempt, airlifting him to Spain to wage war against his own people.
    Franco's army of murderous thugs systematically bombed civilian cities and then massacred evacuees on the road.
    Franco actually sent Spanish prisoners of war to Nazi death camps in Austria to dispose of.
    The Allies should have captured Franco and put him on trial with the other Nazi war criminals. It's a great injustice that they didn't.

  10. I truly love your channel! I learn a ton and laugh at the cartoon hidden gems. Unfortunately in this one and others it seems you are using Theodore and not Franklin Roosevelt to represent the US.

  11. For the capitalist countries, they would rather have a Franco dictatorship in Spain than an independent Spain controlled by its own population. They only opposed Germany and Italy when they became disobedient, until 1938 they were also supported by western capitalist nations.

  12. So it was just the comfortable ammount of fascism for the west to not risk a socialist government and thus reason enough to look away from all the crimes against humanity franco had commited…

  13. Best thing Franco ever did as dictator of Spain was avoid getting militarily involved in WWII. Whatever his faults, and boy did he have many, Franco’s lasting contribution to Spain was self preservation during WWII and during the early years of the Cold War.

  14. Why would they? They know how evil people were to each other during the Spanish Civil War, that was over, and they had far more important things to do, like feed millions of starving people, rebuild a hundred major cities, stop spending gajillions of dollars they didn't have, and to worry about Stalin. Franco was a threat to Spanish communists, and nobody else.

  15. It makes me very sad that this piece of crap died peacefully on a bed as an old man. On the other hand he almost didn't have a sex in his life, he only had one testicle and phimosis.


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