Why didn’t Ukraine get Independence after World War 1?

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Why didn’t Ukraine get Independence after World War 1?

The first major domino to fall can be identified as the October Revolution which occurred in Russia in 1917. After overthrowing the Czar in March, the Bolsheviks next aimed to overthrow the provisional government that took over. With Vladimir Lenin at the helm, the revolutionaries hoped to replace the ruling bourgeois class with a Bolshevik communist regime in a coup d’etat that led to a full-blown civil war. This conflict would carry on until 1923, but Lenin had already established his own government in Russia and they were on the way to forming the Soviet Union…

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  1. We Ukrainians just can't have a break from those bastards, not one generation of Ukrainians in 1000 years have had peace of Russian medaling and fighting against our Couture and will to be free

  2. The visual information is inconsistent, you show old Russian flag but modern Ukrainian flag, also the map depiction does not show all the other Ukrainian sides in the war such as Tsarists, Makhnovschina, Ukrainian SSR. The territory of the Ukrainian People’s Republic is also incorrect, as it didn’t own crimea and was fully located west of the Dnieper river. Also the video doesn’t include Belarus SSR, and the other side of the war. The video is presented as the Bolsheviks wanting the end of Ukraine, even thought they enlarged its size and maintained it’s identity and language, but I do have to say that after Lenin’s death, Stalin wanted to end the national identity of each Soviet Republic with the Russification policies which I consider them terrible.

    I do not support Russia in the war and their government. Peace and Prosperity for the people’s of Russia and Ukraine oppressed by Putin and his supports.

    Слава Україна, Слава Россия

  3. Honestly depiction of 1918-1921 is one big false manipulation and understatement, especially about Poland's participation. The map is all wrong. Enough to say that someone really wanted to mute this grey piece of land between so called "republic" and Poland.

  4. In comments a lot of people crying about ukrainian Crimea, but they dont want to talk abot some russian territories that was in UPR, because this information is not profitable for their empire

  5. Радянській союз забрав у України частину Донецька,й не дав Україні земель Кавказу,землі на границі Україні теж не були повернуті,+ вони після заборонили Українську,не віддали землі зверху України от Білорусі й Россії,і + ще й почали русифікацію земель де проживали етнічні Українці,а саме землі на сході Россії які вони забрали у Китайців під час 2 опіумної війни.
    Ще вам факт у України зараз немає ПОЛОВИНИ земель ну десь по моїм думкам,ті самі землі от Китаю,Кавказ,землі около границі у Росіян і Білорусів, у Поляків і по сій день є наші землі,у словак так названі русини,але це Українці, предністров'є це Українські національні землі які стали Молдовськими із за Сталіна,і трохи у Румунії

  6. I do not think that the USSR somehow influenced the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. Until 2014 (when Russia occupied Crimea), Ukraine treated Russia very well.

  7. Why are you worried about urkraine when (the country) georgia had the same thing happened to them?


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