Why do we keep choosing Barabbas?

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Comment (45)

  1. Book 馃摉
    Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah 11:19-21

    19. And after this the Adversary (Satan) envied him and roused the Children of Israel, who did not know who he was, against him. And they handed him to the ruler, and 20 crucified him, and he descended to the angel who is in Sheol. In Jerusalem, 21 indeed, I saw how they crucified him on a tree, and likewise how after the third day he rose and remained many days.

    What the Prophet Isaiah seen before the crucifixion

  2. @righteousness-over religion righteousness hello again please if your going to watch the watchman report please listen to the lesson, b4 you comment. I see you title so please by all mean live it don't confuse other… humble yourself

  3. First book of Adam and Eve Chapter XLIX :8-9
    8.Satan will raise the People of Jews to put Me death and they will lay Me in a rock , and seal a large stone over Me, and I shall remain in the rock three days and three nights. 9 But on the third day I shall rise again, and shall be salvation to you, O Adam, and to your descendants, so that you will believe in Me.

  4. So Yah devise His plan after Satan plan Yah seen Satan plan through his Heart before he even plan to do evil from the beginning to the end Yah knows Satan plot because he Created him "Yah can't create you without knowing you" so then Yah devise to send His Son after what He Seen in Satan heart, the Will of Yah be done through suffering under a evil domain until Rest and peace come and Yah will say it is Finished

  5. Paul said Lawless one comes in his own time speaking to Thessalonians …….because what Yah seen in Satan heart what Satan about to do in the future

  6. HalleluYAH!!! I LOVE YOU!! Thank YOU, FATHER for having so much love and mercy on US even though we don鈥檛 deserve it. Please FATHER open up YOUR chosen鈥檚 eyes and let us follow after righteousness in YAHUSHA HAMASHIAC HOLY name I PRAY HALLELUYAH 馃檶馃徔馃檹馃徔

  7. Very good sermon. I like the criticism and the way the message is delivered. Thanks for your time

  8. Nice lesson your teachings sent by Yah gave me enlightenment we must remember to repent of our four fathers and be set apart he who overcomes will eat from the tree of life sabbot shalom from Pensacola Florida

  9. The Most High says we are a hardheaded and stiff-necked people! So I guess it's in our nature to choose the evil over the righteous.

  10. The Watchmen Family, you do a great job teaching the scriptures. I am a Hebrew Israelite ,I keep the Sabbath, feast days. I do not denounce the Hebrew name or language. All the camps use other names in Hebrew, they don鈥檛 use the same name as Yahweh, they don鈥檛 use Jesus, the lord will give us anew language and a new name

  11. …. help me better to understand Malachi 1:6,11

    Thanks again … I don鈥檛 hate the name Yahweh please explain Malachi 1:6,11

  12. They are of their father the devil and the will of their father they will do. He was a murderer from the beginning

  13. Nobody who loves their wicked ways likes conviction it why the Word is a 2 edge sword 鉁婐煆解櫏锔忦煓岎煆金煓忦煆金煓岎煆解櫏锔忊湂馃徑

  14. I pray our people 馃洃 picking up traditions of men dusting them off and renewing them馃棧come out of her family in the name of YAHUSHA 鉁婐煆解櫏锔忦煓岎煆金煓忦煆金煓岎煆解櫏锔忊湂馃徑

  15. Thank you very much open my eyes more more more hallelujah most high God bless you and your family have a good day

  16. I pray for you and your family thank you very much for everything pray for me and my family too I know you

  17. I know one day I was very depressed and me and my father was very close and I seen him come in the room and had on his clothes what he used to have on you can't sit on the bed where I was and he just disappeared and that's what I had seen

  18. Honestly I understand what your saying and I believe you generally care about our people but we can鈥檛 make our people to do anything. Some people don鈥檛 see the scripture the same and they maybe genuine. All we can do is work on ourselves and pray for each other because the most high can only change hearts and people.

  19. At around minute 14, the female mentioned trump. No one seems to notice that his family came from Germany, his grandpa was a high ranking Nazi official, ijs…

  20. And see how loving and forgiving yahs faithful son is! He said upon his death 鈥 father forgive them for they know not what they do!鈥 The most high is willing to grand his son prayer for this is the reason the possibility to keep our covenants is available according to our obedience as a whole!

  21. That narrow road is the path of racism, hate, self hate, rape, murder, robbery and the curse of being a so called black, mexican, indian and all the other tribes of Isreal around the world, no one wants to be treated as a so called black person, not even most of us want to walk this path, yet we have no choice, being who we are is part of that narrow path that we ourselves cant walk together but alone. Shalom.

  22. I have been listening a number of these great messages here on Watchman Reports. Thanks so much for your faithfulness. Blessings.

  23. Here on this earth we are all called " Barnabas" or Jesus the sons of God@ As the Holly Bible says all have sin and have fall short of the Glory. We can classify these two names as the HOLY SPIRIT and the NON HOLY SPIRIT. Wat is real is tat, i was not there, but Jesus was black mailed-blasphemed-used-Haterd and Degraded to the lowest level simple because he is Talented and has the knowledge , the reputations to be a leader whilst others who have been to the higher institution couldn't, so there was a kind of hatted and Deformation of Character over Jesu. All these led to his russification. I never knew we have people who always followed people, and I'm sure what ever the case may be when they see people shouting or going to Europe they also followed as the sayin goes in Italian language…(vengo anche io) and the same way when the crowd says amen they also says amen without any understanding what the crowd or the pastor says. So we are all BARNABAS when we sin but Jesus when we do good. The real names are Jesus of Barnabas and Jesus Christ the son of God. The crowd chose wrongly. Thank the most high God blessed us with knowledge wisdom understanding.


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