Why does France still have a South American Territory? – History of French Guiana

Why does France still have a South American Territory? – History of French Guiana

French Guiana is a little piece of France that’s located in South America. It’s officially known as an overseas department and region of France, which means it’s basically just like any other region of France, just on a different continent. Plus, it’s got an interesting history with France, so it just makes sense for it to still be considered a part of the country.

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  1. A wild Portuguese appears

    Brazil:come to Brazil please
    South Americans:no
    Brazil:come to Brazil plz?
    South Americans:No
    Brazil:Come to BrazIL PLZZZ
    South Americans:n0
    Brazil… (Angry noises)-
    Brazil:YOUR GOING TO BRAZI!!!-

  2. For the same reason England, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, in other words, all European maritime powers, have dust of Empire all around the world. But unlike the US, they dont occupy the whole planet with 600 military bases.

  3. "why does france still have territories nowhere near their mainland?"
    "why is the french military actively m*rdering civilians all over africa?"
    "why does france have control over west african currencies?"
    "why do french embassies in north africa have literal tanks stationed in front of them?"


  4. I'd really love to visit French Guiana sometime. I used to boast as an EU citizen I could probably live there no hassle. Then Brexit happened and my dreams of ease were crushed.

  5. Gotta love it. Not even 1h out and the first predictable comments arrive. No,French guyana is not a colony, its a full part of France. Inhabitants there hold the same rights and duties as any normal citizen and enjoy the same (waning)privileges. get that "waah yurup bad" shit out.

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  7. Despite the big territory (if compared to metropolitan France) French Guyana has only about 300 000 people. That's less than most of the other overseas departments of France like Réunion, Guadeloupe or Martinique

  8. France took offense when the Guyanese who oppose 21st century colonization demanded UN election observers be the ones to conduct the election on the independence question. That alone should have raised eyebrows with the international community. It’s also ironic how France still opposes taking the next step of transforming the EU into “the United States of Europe” because they don’t want to give up autonomy to a centralized power that is based elsewhere 🥴 The French have also been weak when confronting the Russians in Ukraine because they fear Russia will publicly use Guyana as an example that exposes French hypocrisy on the international stage, since the same arguments for Russia absorbing Ukraine (language, historical occupation, “approval” from the locals to stay, etc.) are used by the French to remain in Guyana—with the obvious difference being that Ukraine actually borders Russia while Guyana remains a 9 hour flight away from France 😂

  9. "France was a colonial power, and posessing overseas territory is just part of what they did". That either seems redundant or you understand what a colonial power is.


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