Why Elon Musk, Facebook and MIT Are Betting On Mind-Reading Technology

Elon Musk, Facebook, MIT, and a 16-year-old inventor are in the race to read minds with computers. Currently, researchers can detect brainwaves and track electromagnetic pulses within the neurons in our brains. Will this technology completely change humanity and what it means to be human?

Big players like Elon Musk and Facebook have teased their entrance into a market that’s expected to reach $1.72B by 2022. New research is pouring out of universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The University of California in San Francisco.

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Why A 16-Year-Thinks He Can Beat Elon Musk To Mind-Reading Technology

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Comment (32)

  1. They are already using our data to sell to companies to make money, now they want to read your MIND and sell that information too? Mind reading imo is the end of privacy.

  2. I will explain how advanced this technology actually is. It is now in the hands of others that are misusing it. The technology can read minds, thoughts, intentions, completely in 2020. it can read depression but it can also cause depression even heart attacks or an malady controlled by the brain. Actual brain implants are not required it can be done through satellite, full mind reading and more. No implants are necessary with the non public version of the technology. This technology has already been severely abused. I was alone in my apartment and I was mentally tortured with this technology.

    They are not respecting any privacy rights in the US. And they are mentally torturing individuals with this technology. It is not simply being used for mind reading!

  3. This makes me angry. The government already has the technology to watch us in our own homes. Just like we can use google maps to track where businesses are at. Our privacy though the government has been violated beyond all levels of comprehension. The government right now is watching me send this message. While he’s watching us, God is watching him. I hope one day the truth will be unfolded.

  4. Silly ' conspiracy theorists " gov and corps are creating this technology to help humans not profit from manipulating a human's thinking by planting a chip to off someone or military .

  5. Dear CNBC,,,it already exists, and its been in my head illegally for 3 years, with Masonic and the Harris company along with local bad guys doing it for profit supplying research similar to past cia experiments… What I can show the world will shock everyone that people are out there torturing innocent civilians today in America, for profit…I have recently matched my implants with neuralink similar ones like a Utah Array, and Stentrode (inspiration behind neuralace) cochlear bridge implant arrays and a pulse generator to stop me in tracks, basically they research for the manufactured you going around approval needed are human trial, after that the victim is murdered institutionalized or incarcerated after being forced into an act, side note they constantly take credit for recent mass shootings…they are sick and I would love to show CNBC My xrays and my prove of whos involved and what they do. As a freelance investigator, they choose the wrong victim, they've taken everything but I'm still able to tell this years biggest story…want images, xrays, medical documents…I would love to share them, and how I figured out how to record them in real time. This story belongs on CNBC…

  6. Secret services created this technology over 13 years ago. Braincells are electromagnetic, and work enough much like smartphones. They can read our thoughts, emotions and memories but they cant read our subconscious, because its not electromagnetic. This technology can also upgrade brains, and use it with fishes, birds and animals for example.

  7. I believe I have been bugged by the government!!. I can hear my thoughts ,my inner voice coming from people's speakers!. I hear really good, I hear voices in my head but I know they are not, or are they?? I know it's the neighbors!!


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