Why Flat Earthers Can't Be Argued With

Here’s my deep dive into Flat Earthers:

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  1. I'm convinced it is truly a mental health disorder. I work with a guy that no matter what you say he will argue it. You could say the sky is blue and he will argue it.

  2. I think that it's moreso a desperate feeling to want to feel smarter than everyone around you. Most looney conspiracy theories are rooted in that same desire.

    Everyone wants to feel like the most important person that actually knows the truth that everyone else is too stupid to understand, but flat earthers fail to realize that they're actually the stupid ones instead.

  3. sure, there's no other reason to be so stubborn and now more then ever when you can build communities that support their own beliefs without physical boundaries.

    I pity them, but give them some credit for being so faithful to their creed.

  4. The irony is that humanity figured this out thousands of years ago without the benefit of pictures from outer space. And it does a huge disservice to humanity and our perseverance in finding the truth. People who say that the Earth is flat in spite of every conceivable scientific tool that they can use to discover otherwise, are lazy.

  5. These people need to research and experience things first hand before doubting everything. That is do their own primary research. It’s as easy as booking a round the world ticket and seeing if u end up at the same place. Making assertions out of the blue is downright selfish.

  6. It's sad that for some people hard denial is their only way against the academia and the elites.
    A simple understanding of geometry is enough to tell you that Earth is or is not flat; all you have to do is to draw a triangle on a wide level ground, and measure the Sum of angles. A flat triangle should have a total of 180 degrees, but if the ground is curved outwards, then the sum won't be 180 but a bit more than that.

  7. “I don’t believe science because I don’t understand it! The earth is flat!”
    “I don’t see the benefit of road safety laws! I’m driving 110 MPH on all roads!”

  8. "I can't see the electrons move through my mobile phone and I can't see the radio waves transmitting this data to the cellphone transmission tower, hence my mobile phone is a fake"- Flat Earthers, probably.

  9. Not a flat earther but I do believe there is some nuance missing. "Science" has become corrupted by big business to an extent. Governments implement laws based on "science". "Science" has become synonymous with truth to many people when in fact has governmentally represented nothing more than x: what specific people with power want you to believe y: in order to get you to comply with what they plan for you to do. Both sides of the American political isle will see this and believe it to some extent when shown evidence that further supports their bias. They tend to ignore it otherwise. And both sides will believe the lie when their side supports the lie. I've always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a western country with more than two major political parties. I hate that every time I disagree with either side's talking point, I'm automatically accused of being the opposition party rather than someone who simply disagrees with the statement made and would change his mind if enough evidence were presented to convince me. Either way, the earth is an oblate spheroid.

  10. They’re all from the same basket. Flat earthers, or anyone who frequently talks about distrusting “the mainstream media”. It’s just people who believe they are being skeptical, despite the fact that they would die for their fringe, nonsensical conspiracy theories.

  11. The vast majority who believe the earth is a spinning globe don't know the basic specs of the heliocentric model they believe is real, but they insist that they're the educated ones.

  12. I actually explained this very similarly to my geology professor back when he brought up flat earthers and the ignorance he saw. In front of the other students, I expressed that these people question everything and take nothing scientific at face value. Judicious, skepticism is a natural manifestation once one becomes jaded from pervasive societal dishonesty.

  13. No I'm questioning the shape of the earth because how did President Nixon call the astronauts when they were on the moon using a wired phone when I lose phone signal going up a a mountain? lol or why does NASA pics look so fake and that Mars photos are literally identical as photos taken on earth


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