Why I Eat Doritos For Breakfast

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It turns out there’s a very good reason for why I, the breakfast snob, crave Doritos for breakfast.

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Comment (48)

  1. Johnny you got it with the Doritos everyday. I use to atleast eat a bag every other day cooler ranch then that limited time guacamole bag. But as I got older they started to cut my gums then they caused and abscess. But damn Johnny you making me wanna eat a bag right now 🤣

  2. Hi johnny harris, im just curious.
    Have you checked the politics in the philippines and the current president of that country who has a ton of corruption issues but still manage to won the presidential election.

    Im just wondering what will you find out
    Thank youuu

  3. MSG is basically a cheap unhealthy way to get things to taste better. Great food should taste good even without it. If it needs it… then it's not great food.

  4. a big youtuber dude I saw for the first time explaining why he eats doritos for breakfast

    me procrastinating my very important work and getting ready to watch that 20 mins long video

    how tf


    i think i should make a video on why i did so and how i manage to do this every f***ng day


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