Why I Hired A Music Composer for YouTube

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Johnny Harris is an Emmy-winning independent journalist and contributor to the New York Times. Based in Washington, DC, Harris reports on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe, publishing to his audience of over 3.5 million on Youtube. Harris produced and hosted the twice Emmy-nominated series Borders for Vox Media. His visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways.

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  1. That’s wild I randomly think that you didn’t realize the music you put in had a big impact. I randomly think how amazing the music blinds in your videos

  2. I actually dont think its absurd. Music is one of the first things I notice when watching content and it makes so much sense that you have a composer because i kept wondering HOW you got the music to match your videos so closely. It's just another intricate layer that you've revealed about how you make your videos and this definitely makes me appreciate them more!

  3. Johnny, this is disingenuous. You say that the main stream media has an agenda to sell. But as a musician, I know how to manipulate and exploit feelings and emotions in the listener. Use a major key to signal happiness, optimism, and everything positive. Use a minor key to sound sad, depressed, hopeless. Use a fast tempo to give energy and urgency. Use a slow tempo to seduce and sedate. All of your videos have these musical manipulations. I would trust your facts and investigative journalism a lot more if you have zero background music. You purport main steam media is too fun and tries to entertain. But aren’t you doing the same?

    Try shopping in a grocery store in the US and you hear music that makes you buy. Try shopping in a grocery store in Germany – with no music. You can see which is the more neutral, adult, sane, and ultimately, honest.

  4. This dude called me out on TikTok that he’s aware of who creates chips for the majority of our technology, he shouted out on TikTok that YouTube was his source. So obviously super clean.
    We buy zero micro chips chips from China. All our chips come from Taiwan. The company company is TCMC. Do a bit of homework and you will realize he is dumb as fuck.

  5. Heyo, I love this! I’m a student composer and often times I am told that it is impossible to become a full time composer. Seeing things like this gives me a lot of hope!

  6. Thanks for appreciating our work! Everyone loves music, most can’t live without it. Yet, people are still reluctant about paying for it, even though it is a full time job. I hope your message is spread around the globe and help inspire others to value this beautiful craftsmanship! Cheers


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