Why is it important for us to know our true identity? Ask Watchman

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  1. Great breakdown…People can read Deuteronomy 28 the whole chapter the Blessing and who is now living the Curse

  2. The ten northern tribe's were scattered around the know world at the time of the Assyrian captivity, and then migrated every where afterwards. I bet you have white blood in your veins, just like most black people in the US do. Lot's of people have Jewish blood in their veins too.

  3. I found your video today by mistake, so I thought until I heard the part about "Come out of her my People." Several months ago, I had just woken up and as I went to move my Bible, the moment I touched it, I heard those exact words from the Spirit. Not even sure why HE told me that as my eyes are wide open to the deception in the church and through out the world and have been separating myself with HIS help ever since. I really need someone to talk to about this as HE has only given me bits and pieces of the puzzle and I don't have anyone to share the deep subjects with. However, I am a heinz 57 white girl with a little Cherokee blood (grandma was half) in which YHWH informed me that links me to the tribe of Issachar. I could sure use a mentor , any suggestions?

  4. What's crazy is women and men of other nations try to look like us (lips, hips and butts surgery), dance like us, sing like us…..but wont acknowledge anything about us or our history. Its amazing.

  5. Shalom. Outstanding explanation of why we need to know who we are as a people. Thank you Watchman and Sis Deborah, that was a very simple and clear explanation. I was the same way, many people came to me years ago telling me who we are but I just could not see it, but still there was that gentle nudge in the back of my mind saying humm🤔. All the time the Most High was dropping little tid bits, showing me dreams, and using television shows to help me see, such as All in the Family where Jefferson told Bunker that Jesus (Yahshua) was black, then there was Good times where Michael was telling his mom that we are descendants of the Hebrew Israelites, then there's Under Cover Brother that spoke about who our people are. I can go on. My family and I are amazed that we watched these shows for years and yet we're blind, but now we see. Thank the Most High for opening our eyes. Shalom.

  6. do you have an email for personal questions? I am only seeking information to make sure I am not attached to hasatan. I have asked several people and the answer was around the bush per say. I fear my soul and a lot of brothers I know and love are ignorant to the truth. Seeking answer in scripture.

  7. It is very funny that we act the way we do. It was because of your channel I watched the videos and turned from christianity . Love you guys for bringing the truth.

  8. The White Out Series was an eye opener for me. Thank you so much for providing this very important and imperative information for our people. I have shared the entire series with my friends and family. I plan to share with others. HalleluYah to the Most High!!

  9. I would just like to say God bless you my brother and sister need to know who they are and where they come from and I'm an older woman and it took me a long time time to fund who I am and where I come from and to find out that history book The Bible and keep doing what Elohim want y'all to do Hallelujah amen

  10. Why do you have a necklace with yah name on it when the commandment states “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth?

  11. We all are on the same accord here when the spirit of YAH come upon us and we receive the Ruach we start to not only know who we are but believe and accept the it and the words of the Most High began to come clear and the truth stays in you it's a beautiful thing to finally know the truth after seeking it for so long thank you my Brother and Sister I pray to the Most High for you and your family and you continue to teach YAH'S people and wake us up I love you guys

  12. YAH Debora😌 Why.🤔 don't SOME people like being a Helper🤗 what do you think watchman YAHU. meditation and TRUTH iii go hand in hand RITE? have you ever eaten manna Glory Hall-El-U-YAH RUHACH HA Qodesh ELOHIM ABBA father and son YAHSHUA AMIN and AMIN YHWH.🤗😇🤓🤔🙌🐑🐏👓👂

  13. I love you guys. Thank you! When it makes sense, it makes sense! How can you go back to believing lies and revisionist history once you know the truth, you have to just be in deep deep Denial and I’m not talking about the river. Lol.

  14. I am just so very happy to know my true identity. That I am a child of Father Yah, that I am a Hebrew Israelite. We as a people have been called so many names and so many lies have been told about us. I Thank Father Yah for revealing to me who I really am.

  15. Isaiah 56. remember this all Nations will come to my father's table even the forener will come to worship and praise the true God .even a Gentle that turns away from his sins and follows the commandments they too will have a everlasting Name and a place.

  16. Shalom Watchman & SISTER Deborah. Once again Yah has blessed me through you both. I'm going to use the time that the Most High has given me to learn who I am as a Hebrew Israelite. I haven't been on this journey long, but I am learning. I've asked Yah everyday to help me even more to dismiss certain things in me that I was taught over the years as a Christian. I've started on the Whited Out Serious. It is amazing. Every since Yah changed my life, I was seeing and experiencing things a little different. I was focusing on the Old Testament a lot in finding out about the Israelites. But then I begin to see a lot of brothers who were on the different street corners on You Tube speaking about who we were as a people. But then The Most High was showing me that the way that some of them were doing it, was not the way that He wanted me to get it. That when He had me to listen at you both. And I have listened to many of your videos. The Most High has used me in so many ways. Many people have turned their lives over to him. Many have been healed, delivered, and set free. Because signs, wonders, and miracles have followed me. I have sought Him to make me even better for His purpose. My main prayer to Him has been, to help me to grow now and understand more on how to live as a Hebrew Israelite. And to grow with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding everyday. I solicit both of your prayers for me. Because I know that this is of Yah. Shalom.


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