Why Is Our Ocean Mostly Unmapped?

We need to do a better job mapping our ocean, it’s like…most of our planet. #shorts

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Comment (28)

  1. It's obvious…they don't want people finding out about what's really under all that water…isn't it intriguing that there's been a push towards and perpetuation of concerns about searching/reaching/exploring other planets well before we've searched our own?…. You don't need to force every sheep into the pen, just the few at the head of the flock and the majority will blindly follow…

  2. Humans are more interested in going to space than to go deep. It is also because they destroyed the Earth too much already that they prioritize leaving it ASAP than to discover and saving it.

  3. With the upcoming sea territory conflic in east asia sea ithink there gonna be more sea floor maps( or they already been use in secret military ops already ) or to simply justify the sea border


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