Why is the head ATTACKlNG and kiIIing the body?

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  1. This is not God’s judgement at all….this is CRAFTY COUNSEL by our enemies!!!…creating the atmosphere and conditions and oppression!…there’s no way to get this thing right as a people if these conditions don’t change!….and Esau saw these calculations…God didn’t teach the black man how to make guns!(The Book Of Enoch)says the fallen angels taught the Cainites how to make weapons of war!!!…so who invented the guns is the damn enemy NOT totally the black man’s fault because this system is GUILTY of creating the conditions!….

  2. This was such an informative video and well needed. Those who have an ear to hear let them hear. You know the ones who don't because they never admit their part of the problem. You'll never be able to change and do better until you do.

  3. sATAN has always tried to use TMH'S word against him from the beginning. So these WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING; you have been warned about.

  4. Difficult word today but true. I'm saying this from a personal point of view. Not in the sense of taking NOTHER MAN'S LIFE BUT FROM LOOKING AT MY OWN SHORTCOMINGS.

  5. Thank you Watchman and Sis. Deborah! Here's more proof we need to continue praying for our people. This happened 1 day ago in Philly
    If it weren't for this brave Hebrew woman, this child's life would have ended by the hands of the ex-boyfriend… Being thrown over the bridge on I95?! Not sure if he's the baby's father. Men -drop your pride and repent! We have to do the same but you are the head. Peace. 🙏🏾

  6. My point here is that it's not the message that Deborah and Watchmen are trying to bring, the methodology is the problem. If they're trying to win hearts, souls and minds, coming with an antagonizing tone of voice isn't going to work on souls that already has anger issues. Tact and wisdom is required. antagonism is violence, violence breeds violence.

  7. Sad to hear that they are marrying the wrong men because 51% of black man in America are single and have no children and I'm one of that 51%.

  8. The blk man understands that he has no power in society, being made to feel impotent by the dominant society, and knows, very well, that he can never unleash his frustration and anger on either the white man or the white woman: his oppressors. That is the origin of the blk man's hostility and hatred, which targets the blk woman and blk children bc he knows that's the only ppl that he can feel he has power over. The blk man feels he can safely abuse the blk woman and blk children bc he's not allowed to get away with attacking his oppressors. Then some blk men desire to feel a sense of superficial empowerment by being with or trying to be with the oppressor's women. However, he doesn't realize that the oppressor is allowing the blk man to be with and procreate with his women, which helps the white race survive and preserve their dominance in the world while diminishing the blk population. That's the primary psychology behind the power that the blk men, which verbally and physically brutalizes blk women and blk children.

  9. I'm amazed when I hear younger blk men claim that the blk women put blk men out of the home for welfare, which occurred in another century, way before these men were even born. First of all, the original welfare program was nothing like it is today: no money, no food stamps, or Section 8. Also, there are property laws in America and no one can put a homeowner out of their home, which they legally own. There's no U. S. nor state law, which can separate a law-abiding, married couple, which entered into a legal and binding contract together. Basically, the apartment/home didn't belong to none of these blk men, they were just fornicating, living off of these women, not providing for the household–an infidel, nor married to any of those women, and were asked to leave, just like some blk men do in this century.

  10. These apartments Preston wood trails are a undercover operation of tell come phone service and I don't evenstmble across it on purpose and I reported it to the office thinking I was doing the right thing now that apartments has called CPS said I left my children in a car for a week straight I have no car… Now the wicked CPS worker had me take 4 drugh test took 10 days to get my pee back the on the 28th of July they flashed the pee test and said it was weed with and cocaine in the pee but I breast feeding my daughter I been chasing I never used those drugh now they took my children due to the lies of a CPS worker covering up the apartments undercover company

  11. Please please please pray for ELOHIM AND YAHWEH to come home to me pls I have don't nothing wrong but pray to Yah for 4moths stright


  13. Repent Jesus is coming from new Zealand island s 🏝️ accept Jesus as your lord and saviour and be saved in Jesus mighty name amen hallelujah praise the lord ✝️✝️✝️ the Bible is truth ❤️ love not hate

  14. This Reminds me of David in 2 Cases: When he had Joab to do a Count of

    the Israelites & Joab Tried to Discourage David, but Couldn't; 70K people

    DIED, Until The MOST HIGH GOD Said, ENOUGH to the Angel, because of

    Foolishness! David was given 3 Choices! 1 Chronicles 21:2-4; 2 Samuel 24:17

    Again, When Nathan came to David with an Analogy or Allegory; David STILL

    Didn't 'Want' to get it about the Poor Man & his lamb, Nathan Had to say,

    "You are THAT man!" Innocent People DIED. Not Only the Baby but David's

    household SUFFERED because of his Sins. 2 Samuel 12: 1-8

    David was the GOD'S Appointed King of Israel, The HEAD! 2 Samuel 5:1-3

    STOP Making Sorry Excuses People! "Don't Be Deceived. GOD is NOT

    Mocked. Whatever you Sow, You Reap." Galatians 6:7

    Ignorance (or stupidity) of TRUE Knowledge Does NOTHING to Diminish

    Consequences. Matthew 12:36, 37; Ecclesiastes 12:12-14 "YAHAWAH,

    The MOST HIGH GOD, Always treats Everyone the way they DESERVE,

    According to a man’s deeds HE Repays him; According to a man’s Ways

    He Brings CONSEQUENCES." Job 34:11

  15. The FBI is watching the manosphere and MGTOW and they are considered a terrorist group now. Many of these men follow KS. TD Jakes and Phil from African diaspora follows the manosphere

  16. at 37:58👉🏾 How can anyone put a man out of a house that belongs to him? If she’s putting you out, 1st of all you probably weren’t good, 2nd of all you probably aren’t her husband and 3rd it’s not your house!! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  17. I got two cousins that got shot in Chicago. My cousin had two kids one was shot nine years ago, but he died last year from that shooting. She has a 36 year old daughter with her boy friend, she was shot 19 times her boyfriend was shot 20 times,he died and my 36 year old cousin is bed ridden. My cousins car was shot up 56 times

  18. Please family, pray for me. Every Sabbath, my husband shuts down. He distances himself from me and treats me badly. It's like a spirit comes over him and he is mean and sullen and tries to sleep all day without us doing lessons together or reading or praying. This continues all the way until Sunday evening. Then he comes back and apologizes. This happens with the exception of maybe 3 weekends, every Sabbath. I'm tired. I feel dread every time Sabbath approaches.

  19. I understand but it is painful..my son was my everything and he was gunned down 10- 1 – 2021 and has been painful..he was only 26 yrs old..but lets not forget the music has also been weaponized against our people..death and life are in the power of the tongue.. the HEAD IS SICK , AND THE BODY IS SUFFERING..SHALOM

  20. Preach Bother Watchman and Sister Deborah. Keep on blowing the trumpet 🎺. Let these butt hurt men and women continue in their sins because Judgement day is here and still coming. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Tribe of Yahudah, Yahuah has heard our prayers and cries like in the days of Goshen and has begun manifesting His word which he has spoken through our forefathers, the prophets and the shalakym.

    The reign of Mashiach Yahusha is here, the turning of the captivity is near, The first Prince Captain of the 144,000 has been birth. Arise Yahudah and Seek the will of the Good Father Yahuah.


  22. @Ebony Karmon:I offer my sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved 26 yr old son to the senseless act of gun violence.

  23. It is self destructiion. When a black man destroys a black woman. They are destroying themselves. Just like when black people deal with non black races we are step by step eradicating ourselves. As well. Our coming together is not wanted because the 2 powers God put her if they come together would be immensely strong. Some black males tell other males, family and non family to disrespect, abuse and destroy their gift from God…the black women, the daughters of Zion! The Lord put enmity betw3en Eve and Satan and her seed and his seed. The enemy is trying to destroy women especially black women. Our men know they are not doing right and don't want to do right and trying to put all their sins off on black women just like Adam did when he blamed Eve and even our Father God for his downfall but didn't blame the enemy.


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