Why is the Vatican an Independent Country? (Short Animated Documentary)

The Vatican is the smallest nation in the world and given the history of small nations getting gobbled up raises a question: why does it exist and how did it remain independent?


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  1. Little fun fact – not only are the Lateran accords recognized in the Italian constitution, they’re in a very specific portion of it that cannot be modified. Basically, the only way for Italy to stop recognizing the Vatican would be something that eliminates the constitution entirely, i.e. basically a coup

  2. Look up images of Paul VI Audience Hall. It is a giant serpent's head, the pope sits in the serpent's mouth in front of a grotesque sculpture of Christ rising from a nuclear apocalypse. The Catholic church is satanic.

  3. religion is lies and political power and money. time to dissolve the center of this political organisation that does mostly harm in the world whilst mandating people to worship a fairytale sky candy man. to hell with the vatican.

  4. As an Italian I despise very much Mussolini for the Lateranensi Treaties. Some references even quote him being atheist: and while you can't be sure about it, you can be sure Mussolini had a rise in popularity in the mid 1920's thanks to these treaties. The Pope couldn't wish for anything better too, otherwise It would've ended up simply as Rome's Church / Cathedral, while now it is outright independent (and by Italian law). It's maybe the only case in history where a nation, BY LAW, recognized the Pope, their religion, gave them rights to their land, and not only that, but also had to pay them for this, "for the suffers": if you think about it, it's a free gift. This is just like saying "Okay, you will forever have an impact in our politics, in our laws, maybe not directly but de facto, hence reforms will always be conservative and never really changing what Church wants". I'd like you to compare this with Britain's choices (in the 1500's) with regards to religion's interference in their home land. In some sense this was a further screw up by Mussolini although, in retrospect, not as huge as becoming an ally to SOMEONE and having set up racial laws by 1936-1938. Still, religion has still a HUGE impact on Italian's society, and it's due to this fascist dude.

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  6. Why is the Vatican an independent country? Obvious question. So Catholic Cardinals and Bishops can launder criminal $ £ € money belonging to the Mafia. And so Catholic Priests can sexually abuse children without fear of being prosecuted.

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