Why isn’t Cyprus a Part of Greece?

Why isn’t Cyprus a Part of Greece?

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Michális Stavrou Michael. Resolving the Cyprus Conflict: Negotiating History.
Virginia Page Fortna. Peace Time: Cease-fire Agreements and the Durability of Peace.
Kelly L. Grotke, Markus Josef Prutsch. Constitutionalism, Legitimacy, and Power: Nineteenth-century Experiences.
Tim Cooke. The New Cultural Atlas of the Greek World.

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  1. Η Υφαλοκρηπιδα δεν οριζεται με λογια αλλα με βαθυ σκαφη που χαρτογραφουν τα πραγματικα γεωλογικα χαρακτηριστικα. The Continental Shelf is not defined by words but by deep boats that map the real geological characteristics

  2. If u state your claim by saying that "we were here first, you came later" then cyprus belong to pheonicians. Not the greeks nor Turks. My point is who came before doesnt have any value.

  3. There were only three empires in the history that could fight wars in three continents at the same time: 1) Roman Empire, 2) Ottoman Empire (which was somewhat based on the Roman Empire), 3) British Empire. I don't think Greeks ever had an empire. They kept on fighting with the Persians until Turks came along, who showed both what the fighting should be all about.. 😉 But I would not say the same thing for the Romans, who were admirable. Romans knew what it was all about and they had their sh*t together. They were one admirable bunch and they had a fantastic civilization and they left artifacts which are still admirable today. Greeks tried to Hellenize the eastern Roman Empire and they somewhat succeed in this towards the end of the empire. Western civilization started in Babylon, which was a precursor to the Greek civilization. But of course, the modern European historians have to base the western civilization to Greece because Mesopotamia, where once Babylon was in, is in Moslem hands now. The West has to give up on the old religious fights now and face the realities. Some honesty and integrity would help this world a lot.

  4. Greece Nation is the proper title not as a Region so Greek nation never die and never change the alphabet like others ..YOU KNOW WELL WHY Look back the History and all that staff

  5. why aren't you mentioning the fact that the military intervention in 1974 was necessary since the Greeks were killing any Turkish people in sight? that 70,000 TUrkish people were killed?

  6. Wherever Islam has dominated – Christian & other minority ethnic & religious groups were always subdued & terrorised. The brutal Ottoman/Turkish authorities – who epitomised Islam had a policy of ‘convert or die’ or pay the extortionate ‘jizya’ tax. Lest we forget the death marches of Greek, Assyrian & Armenians & the widespread massacre of them too in Asia Minor during & after WW1. Britain behaved like them in an indirect way for its own selfish interests & remained indifferent during the illegal invasion in 1974. They were a guarantor power & did nothing. The irony is that history is being repeated now in Ukraine. Britain, The USA & Russia guaranteed Ukraine’s sovereignty if they gave up their nuclear arsenal & look what’s happened! Russia invades & the other two remain indifferent & cowardly stand back & scream from the rooftops! Shame on them for what happened in Cyprus (Henry Kissinger ordering the Turkish invasion in 1974 – as much as he likes to deny it – he has the blood of thousands of Cypriots on his hands – may he rot in Hell when he drops dead!) and shame on them for what is happening now in Ukraine.

  7. woooow… you didn’t say a thing about the revolution against UK ON 1955-59??? 😄😄😄 you are so fake news!!! Lol

  8. The Turks make up 20 percent of the population of Cyprus but in 1974 took 38 percent of its territory. The Turks should withdraw to 20 percent of the territory of the island.

  9. There's not Turkish Cypriots the are just Turkish people from the ottoman empire the island is Greek 🇬🇷 I am from Cyprus

  10. First settlers in Cyprus were Greek origin "Fact" the history dug out of the ground proves it. But Turkish Cypriots have have rights in Cyprus also. I love Greece but they are a seperate nation, Cyprus has it's own culture which has been influenced by both Greeks and Turks.
    Let's cut to the chase, Cyprus is not the same place politicly as it was 40 years ago. The constitution was unworkable as explained in the video (somewhat) ..Since the occupation the island has become a true democracy enjoying good relations with all it's neighbours. The Greeks want nothing more than a decent paid job , nice home, some cash and time for a holiday, decent education and health care pretty much same as everyone else around the world. Yes there maybe a couple of hard nationalist types still around from both sides, isn't there everywhere.
    I used to agree with the federation idea but seriously what for, the Island should be unified as one . The Turkish Cypriots would enjoy the same rights as any Greek or other ethnic minority for that matter. Thousands of Turkish Cypriots already have Republic of Cyprus passports and ID Cards and regularly travel south for work and health care etc to date as far as I know they have not been lynched. Though the Greeks have been here since antiquity the Turkish Cypriots have been here for around 500 years or so they are a part of the Island and belong here. There is too much turmoil in the world I say " Turkish Cypriots should tell Turkey to remove it's occupation army (yes it's occupying your island also ) If your still not 100% sure of your safety the UN can remain in the middle until YOU the Turkish Cypriots reach a settlement. This as you are all well aware will never happen because Turkish Army is not there for the Turkish Cypriots it's there for Turkey and you know it deep down. Already they talk of annexation and already they degrading your freedom of speech.
    This is an unbiased view and would add I have never had a personal issue with any Turk whether Cypriot or mainland all these issues are political

  11. The ancient Hellenes were conquered by the Romans . Emperor Justinian destroyed the last vestiges of Hellenic civilisation , and state Christianity created a new civilisation on the ruins of the old .

    Koliopoulos, G. and Veremēs, T., 2007. Greece: the modern sequel. London: Hurst & Company, p.242.

    Hellenes as they were called, were persecuted by the enforcement of these general rules; Justinian endeavored, above all things, to deprive them of education, and he had the University of Athens closed in 529; at the same time ordering wholesale conversations.

    The Cambridge Medieval History volumes 1-5 by John Bagnell Bury, Paul Dalen (Goodreads Author) (Editor)

    And there is also evidence that the word 'Hellene' now meant 'pagan', and Justinian did conduct persecutions of Hellenes. The world of Classics in the sixth century was not entirely rosy.

    Scott, R., n.d. Byzantine chronicles and the sixth century

    And there is also evidence that the word 'Hellene' now meant 'pagan', and Justinian did conduct persecutions of Hellenes.

    Scott, R., n.d. Byzantine chronicles and the sixth century.

  12. Cypriot Greek has often been referred to as a dialect of Greek (Contossopoulos, 2000); a variety that is linguistically proximal to Standard Modern Greek (Grohmann and Kambanaros, 2016 Grohmann et al. 2016), which is the official language in the environment our participants acquire language. Although the official language in education and other formal settings is indeed Standard Modern Greek, research has shown the boundaries between the two varieties, Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek, and their distribution across different registers is not straightforward (Grohmann and Leivada, 2012, Tsiplakou et al. 2016). At times mixing is attested without code-switching being in place, while no official characterization has been provided for any of these terms in this specific context. The question arising in this context is whether the attested variants emerging in mixed speech repertoires are functionally equivalent for an individual speaker.

    The concept of "competing grammars goes back to Krich 11989, 1991), who proposed that speakers project multiple grammars to deal with ambiguous input This concept has been explicitly connected to the relation between Standard and Cypriot Greek (Papadopo et al. 2014; plaka 2014; Grohman et al 2017)

    The two varieties have differences in all levels of linguistic analysis and often monolingual speakers of Standard Modern Greek judge Cypriot Greek as unintelligible. At the same time, Greek Cypriot speakers do not always provide reliable judgments of their own speech since these are often clouded by sociolinguistic attitudes toward using the non-standard variety. Cypriot Greek lacks official codification and its status as a different language/variety is often denied by Greek Cypriots who may downplay the differences between Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek and describe the latter as just an accent (Arvaniti, 2010). As the discussion of the different variants will make clear in the next section, the two varieties have differences across levels of linguistic analysis and these differences vastly exceed the sphere of phonetics or phonology.

    All speakers of Cypriot Greek have exposure to Standard Modern Greek through education and other mediums and in this way, they are competent to different degrees in both varieties. We employ the term 'bilectal' (Rowe and Grohmann, 2013, 2014) to refer to the participants of this study, although it is not entirely clear that the varieties they are exposed to are Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek or that they are only two varieties, under the assumption that a continuum is in place. For instance, the term 'Cypriot Standard Greek' (Arvaniti, 2010) has been proposed to refer to an emerging variety that may count as the standard in the context of Cyprus. This would be a sociolinguistically 'high' variety (Ferguson, 1959) that is used in formal settings, although its degree of proximity with Standard Modern Greek is difficult to determine with precision because great fluidity is attested across different settings and geographical areas. At the school environment, for example, one notices the existence of three different varieties: Cypriot Greek, as the home variety that is used when students interact with each other, Standard Modern Greek, as the language of the teaching material, and another standard-like variety that incorporates elements from both varieties, and is present in the repertoire of both the students and the instructors (Sophocleous and Wilks. 2010; Hadjioannou et al., 2011; Leivada et al.. 2017).

  13. Kanlı noel gecesi öldürülen Kıbrıslı Türklere Allah'tan rahmet diliyorum. Özellikle kanlı küvet olayı Eoka örgütünün ne kadar vicdansız olduklarını gösteriyor. Kıbrıs Türklerine yapılan zulüm unutulmamalı!

  14. "With Greece supporting the Greek-Cypriots and Turkey behind the Turks, neither side was ready to lay down their arms" (8:258:31): I admire … your objectivity! 🙂 [For one reason or another, Greece took no military action to support the Greek-Cypriots; compare that to the Turkish operation … and draw your own conclusions about this video's accuracy…]

  15. The true Reason is that Greece and Cyprus can give 12 Points to eachother in Eurovision, having therefore an advantage 😉

  16. lie and fallacy cyprus problem with a 10-minute video, you explained a clear subject change according to your job

  17. "general harmony" under turkish occupation is a great joke. The Turks could kill you if you didn't bend enough, if you wear coloured clothes (only black for the slaves) or felt insulted in any way. The courts were in their favor ALWAYS, since Christians were half people in the Ottoman Empire. Plus you didn't mention that during our war for Enosis the Turks sided the British, killing innocent Greek Cypriots (Kioneli massacre), that in 1963 attempted mutiny with Turkish support (just yesterday the celebrated the bombing of Tilliria with napalms, as they do EVERY year) and were self-contained in semi-autonomous villages umder their control (about 7% of the land). Actually they never paid a cent in taxation…

  18. ΕΛΛ/ENG

    «Ἡ Ῥωμιοσύνη ἒν φυλὴ συνότζαιρη τοῦ κόσμου,

    κανένας δὲν ἐβρέθηκεν γιὰ νὰ τὴν ἰ-ξηλείψῃ,

    κανένας, γιατὶ σιέπει τὴν ποὺ τά 'ψη ὁ Θεός μου.

    Ἡ Ῥωμιοσύνη ἒν νὰ χαθῇ, ὄντες ὁ κόσμος λείψει!»

    —Ἀπόσπασμα ἀπὸ τὸ ποίημα «ἡ 9η Ἰουλίου τοῦ 1821 ἐν Λευκωσίᾳ» τοῦ ἐθνικοῦ μας ποιητοῦ Βασίλη Μιχαηλίδου ἐκδοθὲν τῷ 1911 γεγραμμένον εἰς τὴν κυπριακὴν διάλεκτον παρατιθὲν τὰ αἱματηρὰ γεγονότα τῶν σφαγῶν τοῦ Ἰουλίου τοῦ 1821 εἰς τὴν Κύπρον ἀπὸ τοὺς Τούρκους Ὀθωμανούς.

    “Hellenism is a nation as old as the world,

    no one has ever managed to eliminate it,

    no one, because my God guards it from above,

    Hellenism will be lost when the world ceases to exist”

    —Extract from the poem “the 9th of July 1821 in Nicosia” by the National poet of Cyprus, Vassilis Michaelides which was published in 1911 written in the Cypriot dialect, detailing the bloody events of the massacres of July 1821 in Cyprus by the Ottoman Turks.


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