Why It Actually Took 50 Years to Make COVID mRNA Vaccines

The FDA recently approved two mRNA vaccines for COVID-19, but it was a challenge to make this type of vaccine work. And it took decades of research to get us to the point where scientists could make those vaccines as quickly as they did.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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Comment (43)

  1. You have caucatisk DNA right..well i think we have a problem. In Astra zenika there are DNA from a male caucadian foster….. Do you know what that means…

  2. “Just as we needed it most.”

    During a horrible pandemic than impacted the total population across the world by…. Negligible percent.

    Tell me about that antibiotic resistant bacteria again.

  3. No mention that this has created over a dozen pharmaceutical billionaires.

    @10:55 "mRNA vaccines were never considered a sure thing…" You very deceptively make it seem like now it is a sure thing. It is not even close.

    No mention of the guy that gets credited for inventing this stuff warning people not to take it because he believes it isn't ready for use in humans.

    Lastly, I'm curious if there were any outside contributors to this script.

    Also at @10:55, you mention that we "had to do the testing." It wasn't done in any way that would have been valid for scientific purposes prior to these emergency uses suddenly making it necessary to shorten testing cycles, flat out skipping some steps, and using humans as guinea pigs. The video does nothing to explain what that testing is/was. It would be nice if people could contrast what drug testing has been for the last 50 years vs. the sudden less than 12 months of testing that this vaccine has gotten, if you can even call it testing.

    I hope this does turn out to be some wonder drug and literal giant leap in the development of medicines for the future. However, just about 1 year of "testing" in a nearly uncontrolled setting while under duress is not what I would call ideal for observations and decision making. It does not help that the media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others have done everything in their power to forbid even the mere thought of this not being such a great idea.

  4. Wait, what? The body clears mrna to avoid cancers hijacking the particles, we make it harder on the body to clear particles that might be hijacked by cancer? Well that can never go wrong…

  5. This video is just cute – awe… Target audience are most lickly uninformed kids who do not know better. There are many sources out there to show that the covid vaccine has no major success rate! Not to mention all the side effects.

  6. And we already had SARS patented in 2002. The Wuhan lab studied Coronaviruses for years. Vaccine and Virus are perfect friends for Bill Gates and his empire to make money.

  7. My MNRA shots have left me worse off. Chest pain. Vision issues, and more I’d prefer not to go into on a public forum. Wishing I’d considered not having a vaccine now.

  8. This should be linked in every pro-vaccine effort anywhere around the globe !
    50years seems so much more credible than just a few months … very well explained, many sceptical questions answered in only a few minutes !!
    Thx, scishow-team, very well done 🙇🏻

  9. I work in a call center for the vaccine rollout in my country. A lady once said to me she is unsure about the Pfizer because it's new technology and human bodies are "not used to" MNRA vaccines unlike astrazeneca which is a more traditional vaccine.

    People are just strange.

  10. Thank you, SciShow, for making a timely topic succinct and easier to understand—with brevity! Thank you, Hank, for the usual attention retaining delivery! SciShow is a nice dive below the surface of the headlines. As a boomer, I’m happy to find a substitute for PBS Nova.

  11. Another example of the powers that be playing God.. as if our LORD OF LORDS KING OF KINGS fell short in preparing or bodies for what was/is to come. So in other words these MEN OF FLESH AND BLOOD created a BETTER protein because The LORD THE ACTUAL POTTER THE ONLY CREATOR SOVEREIGN OVER ALLLLLLL THINGS possibly fell short? Maybe HE wasn't prepared or didn't know? Can I fathom the idea of such foolishness? No they couldn't possibly break this down in even logical terms
    They are clever in the TONE of they're wicked plans downplaying the urgency of and true intentions using the emotions of the masses fear and to deceive but not to all of us they are still and always will be under the ALL POWERFUL HAND OF THE ONE GOD

  12. What a coincidence, the mRNA genetic therapy just ready on time for the COVID pandemic, do you believe in coincidences that make billions for the pharmaceutical industries? yeahh…

  13. Is there an objective video somewhere which outlines the potential dangers if we just let this virus run wild and how that result differs from the preventative actions we're taking as a species? Kinda hard to find with Google censoring what they want, making it really hard for an objective discussion…

  14. This vaccine doesn't make sense to me, why is everyone being forced to take it, I am fully vaccinated against everything apart from Corona virus, but I've had conona virus, so surely my own immune system will work better than faking it to my immune system to attack because it learned more than just the spike protein, so if at risk people take the vaccine, still have to wear masks, still have to isolate for 2 weeks, and are still at risk from unvaccinated people, then it's not really a vaccine is it

  15. No single one mRNA vaccine has long term studys regarding side effects. The Pharma industry trying 30 years to get on the market and failed every time in animal studys. Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of the mRNA technology warned the FDA about the dangerous S1 spike proteine but nobody care about that phatogen.

  16. this is a misconception and you know it. they did not start development on the covid vaccine 50 years ago and any other vaccine of this type has been denied and couldn't pass phase 3 clinical trials. this is the very first mRNA vaccine and it took 1 year to develop and never underwent phase 3 clinical trials because that was part of the red tape that got cut. why not tell the whole truth and not just selectively choose your words?

  17. not only that but i see people in the comments talking about negative comments but dont see one. you clearly delete all the negative comments. this is just an echo chamber for people to get their confirmation bias

  18. A nice explanation although explaining DNA as the complete blueprint and mRNA as the working copy … sort of what was said … might be an easier concept for people to grasp. The bit though that I feel is disaster is the mention of “reprogramming”. This is cause of one of the big anti vax conspiracies and is both inaccurate and potentially (very) off putting … after all, who wants to be ‘reprogrammed’? So for anyone reading this, there is NO reprogramming involved, simple the insertion of ADDITIONAL ‘programming’ to cause the cell to build viral antigen … a small component of the virus and NOT the virus itself … and so generate an immune response. This is time limited and so for a period will cause cells to create antigen, build an immune response and then be gone. You achieve the same as injecting the viral antigen direct, as say the AZ vaccine, but as you point out, you enable the body to create the antigen itself rather than having to create it externally and then inject, as most ‘traditional’ vaccines work. So very nice vid excepting the terrible and inaccurate mention of reprogramming…nothing is changed from doing one thing to something different, simply so additional protein building instructs added with no change of anything

  19. there is no vaccine for something that mutates every 5 minutes in your body. only a good immune system will vaccinate you
    scishow needs to stop spreading propaganda for big pharma

  20. ask them for a sample so you can have a real lab identify whats in this heroine induced vaccine. I bet they never give you a sample. even tho you as a citizen paid for alll of them in percentages….demand they give you the dose so you can have it examined by p0rofessionals

  21. you let them terrorize you with religion for how many thousands of years…now you see through the lies with religion they attack you r immune system? something sound s to me like some leaders in usa need to be put into the electric chair for crimes against humanity. this is worse than using spent uranium on white flag waiving iraqi soldiers trying to surrender….you blew them to pieces anyway and burnt them to death where they stood. Just like the ATF used a flame throwing tank on the waco compound and burnt american children alive.


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