Why Kim Jong-Il Kidnapped Filmmakers

It had to do with monster movies
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We watched a ton of North Korean films. Here’s what we learned about propaganda from them.

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Comment (49)

  1. India vibing with north korea? dude you are nuts. get your facts right most of our influence is from our Indian and European/American film industry.

  2. This is the same with Indian cinema where all the nationalistic movies are against neighboring Pakistan. The only aim of these movies is to show that all the ills in India are because of Pakistan. That is the same with Pakistani cinema which never misses a chance to frame India as the source of all ill in Pakistan.

  3. It is slightly irrelevant here but I haven't seen Johnny making a video about Gun violence in America. Any thoughts, why?

  4. It's fascinating and disturbing to learn about the reasons why Kim Jong-Il kidnapped filmmakers. It's clear that he had a strong passion for filmmaking and wanted to establish North Korea as a hub for the industry. However, his methods of kidnapping foreign filmmakers and forcing them to work on his projects are unacceptable and unethical. It's a stark reminder of the lengths that some leaders will go to achieve their goals, and the impact it can have on innocent people. The stories of these kidnapped filmmakers are a testament to their resilience and bravery in the face of such adversity. #KimJongIl #FilmmakersKidnapped #NorthKorea #Filmmaking #Ethics

  5. Well I can tell Johnny and the crew didn't get a proper Korean language review for sure.. it's understandable but not natural. Did a gyopo do the job again?

  6. Will ever North Korea and Sourh Korea have a “crumbling Berlin Wall “ moment ? I suspect that for as long China stands as a superpower it won’t happen. My money says China is the one propping up the existing “ North Korea’s Royal Family “ power stronghold.

    The Chinese building version of Imperialism, let no one be fooled by their “ Good deeds Policies “ across the world is just a textbook page of what American Imperialism once was.

    Our São Paulo’s Korean influx and taking over the Garment District , where the Jewish once held steady , had a number of North Korean Nationals. They did pretty good for themselves, as the Jewish slowly moved away from the neighborhood. And they kept the neighborhood from going sour.

    The sweatshop factories are slowly in decline , and the Bolivians taken up the brunt of work in a cottage industry sort of ways , when the bulk production isn’t going to Paraguay , our South America version of Maquillas manufacturing.

    We could use North Koreans this side of the pond. That much I know.

  7. The most fascinating story about North Korea that I have ever heard of, is the story of Kim Young-hwan. He was a far left activist in South Korea and wanted to start a revolution there. North Korea smuggeled him into the north with a submarine and he talked to Kim Jong-Il in 1991. After that visit, he was disappointed and turned against North Korea, because he figured out that the entire philosophy that North Korea is seeing a ultimate truth was nothing but a tool, to enslave people. The great leader did not even know anything about it and did not even understand it. He had writers who published texts in his name.

  8. So we do agree that you can program people with movies right? but you don't believe the western movies on Rainbow community will program Kids? Ain't this hypocrisy?

  9. I love your videos, its very informative and interesting, Could you please make one about what is happening in Sudan and the how a war for water between Egypt and Ethiopia got Sudan into a civil war


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