Why MSG Is So Tasty

Yes, I made a whole video about Doritos and MSG:

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  1. It stands for mono-sodium glutamate and it's essentially the amino acid glutamate and sodium (Na)… Noice. I guess that makes sense why we think we're having meat so meat has lots of proteins (Amino acids)!

  2. We call it "micin" in Indonesia, and the "generasi micin" is a very popular slang word in Indonesia in 2018. Generasi micin means dumbhead generation, they become dumb because we believe MSG is making us dumb hahaha.

  3. If it’s tricking you into eating unhealthy food, it is bad for you. It might not be harmful in and of itself, but if it promotes consumption of junk food, particularly over-consumption of junk food, it should be avoided. It’s like nicotine: not necessarily bad for you in and of itself, but if it makes you smoke cigarettes, you should abstain from it.

  4. Doritos are really tasty but also really unhealthy. I think a healthy breakfast would be two eggs, a tomato or some salad and some cheese. I don't think there are any redeeming ingredients in Doritos.

  5. This is so wrong on so many levels. Yea it does all that but it's not the only thing msg on its own tastes like balls. It needs something to work with.

  6. It USED to be that KFC had more MSG than any Chinese restaurant. If I eat MSG my gums swell up for days, and lots of people have various bad reactions. MSG is NOT good for humans…. even the Dorito-eating sort.

  7. Erm… sorry bud but MSG is damaging to you. My father in law has worked on MSG for over a decade and he’s in The Royal Society. Not sure where you’re getting your source from but I’m afraid you’re incorrect.

  8. 'Tricks your brain into thinking that you are eating meat' while people who have never eaten meat also find chips tasty. Moreover, MSG is a spice or taste provider while meat is not.


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