Why People Disappear in the Bermuda Triangle

You can view the full Bermuda Triangle deep dive here:

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Comment (25)

  1. Please don't post shorts like these. I have seen the video and it was a great one but most people seeing this short won't see that and just affirm their Bermuda triangle spooky mindset.

  2. If you don’t want to watch his video. Basically there are many ship sinkings. Plane crashes because that triangle is the busiest trade route. Many ships and planes go there a day. So more planes, more plane crashes. Like how California has the most car crashes. Not because of a magic man but because it is the most popluated state. So more crashes. Check any app that shows location of planes. Always more in the triangle because that is a busy area for planes.

    TLDR: a lot of planes go in the triangle and boats so that means more boats and planes sink.

  3. There’s a pop up Japanese sando shop in Austin that charges $9 for a whipped cream and strawberry sandwich and as far as I can tell they aren’t even those fancy expensive Japanese strawberries it’s so fucking stupid

  4. Shorts like these would work better as trailers to upload before a new video drops imo. It flows better for viewers who are subscribed and check their subscribed feed for content while still driving normal traffic.

  5. No mystery, alone with the usual accidents, sometimes when gases rise from ocean floor it changes the density of the water and sometimes if enough the air above. Methane is one example. There's are plenty of experiments you can look up.


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