Why Putin is Coming for Russian Youtubers

Being a YouTuber Inside Putin’s Russia
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Putin has cracked down on nearly all information in Russia, but YouTube is still safe (for now).

Special Thanks to all of the people who bravely shared their experiences for this video.

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  1. Putin should be read the following ;
    War is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. It is generally characterized by extreme violence, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces.

    In all fairness , this problem isn't exclusive to Russia. Every major force in the world is in the midst of a struggle between their leaders trying to control public opinion and the enlightened citizens who know better than swallowing their propaganda whole and are able to articulate more educated counter arguments than the sheeple who are droning about it.

  2. I don't understand why this is surprising. Russia and USA have used these kind of "foreign" sponsoring to overthrow governments. It's only natural for Putin to want to stop that in Russia. Also helps people know where the journalist biases lie. Ofcourse it's not ideal or the best way to do it but I still feel like there needs to be a way to address the problem without bankrupting opposition (which is obviously not what Putin wants. He wants power along with less western propaganda and more Russian propaganda)

  3. I hated you when you made a video on fishing between India and Srilankan waters. Later on I found out the truth and it's the Indian(Tamil) politicians who are messing up both sides.

  4. Putin is only one person. Propaganda or no propaganda, lawless police or legitimate police, it doesn’t matter. If a citizen wants a different future for them or their children they fight for it. Ukrainians fight for their future. Russians sit on their asses and complain.

  5. I can give you contacts of all my friends and family members, you can interview them to see how "bad" it is to live in Russia right now without all trans gender cult brainwashing bullshit to the children. All people you interviewed are probably those who always dreamed to leave Russia, but didn't manage, but still in love with "perfect America" they never even been to.

  6. Does USA not have exactly the same law?
    "The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) (2 U.S.C. § 611 et seq.) is a United States law that imposes public disclosure obligations on persons representing foreign interests."

  7. all I hear is: Control by Media… who owns 85% of the wester world medias? USA… can you tell me why the majority of content we have access to is trash content? why we are "FORCED" to watch 90% BS if we want to use social media? Meaning there's NO OPTION to filter what we WISH to watch? Do I need to see Americans and their pranks? Do I care about American politic? Do I care about Genders and Feminism? Do I want to watch makeup Tutorials? Why do social medias have the rights to use our hard work in photography, music and film, without us being rewarded or simply PAID (while THEY make BILLIONS with OUR content? TRASHTV and TRASH content is clearly ALSO a very good manipulation machine. And that one doesn't come from China, nor Russia. Showing the mountain doesn't hide the lake, US blaming all others won't make them the good guys, NOT ANYMORE!

  8. @johnnyharris I wish you could understand Russian and listen to Yuri Dud. He pushes an absolute pro-Putin, pro-war, imperialist agenda. He doesn’t say Ukrainian doesn’t have a right to exist, but he introduces a doubt in his interviews. And that’s enough. He is not an unbiased passionate journalist who wants to show the truth. He has his own pro-Russian agenda.

  9. ignorance is truly bliss in this world where every bad news is just one click away. i think this is more than true now that the world is going in a very dark place and we the people of the internet just watches it unfold with no means of stopping it. i still remember the days when i hated watching the news because it just ruins my day but now i dont care anymore if i get depressed or anxious about the situation of the world. i just want to see where we are heading and why… and who are the people responsible for it. thank you so much for all the people using their lives and time for making comprehensive journalism.

  10. At this point, all news feels like entertainment disguised as propaganda. Nothing is real, everything is fake, everything is a scam and there is no truth in the world. The days of real journalism are over, but thank goodness Johnny is around to show us how it's really like, unlike the state media who pretends to be independent (CNN, FOX News, RT, etc).

  11. Despite all the other Russians writing under this video, I’m shocked by this video Johnny, seriously, I really thought you were a bit different!
    Why didn’t you mentioned that the same exact things are happening in Ucraine? Why you didn’t spoke about all those YouTubers that are with Putin and trying to tell their truth!

    I am Russian, I grew up in Italy where I am right now, but I do support my country! I hope you will read this message because I’m your big fan and I would love to talk with you and to tell you the version on someone who lives outside Russia, in a democratic country but still support what Putin is doing right now! If you are interested please write me how I can contact you !


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