Why submarines are WAY cooler than you think

Yes, I said underwater mountain.


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  1. My father was on a submarine that hit an underground mountain. While it was in the port for repairs he met my mother

  2. Actually i think submarines mostly navigate through passive sonar, meaning they dont emit any sound because that would give away their location. Smartereveryday has a great video on this

  3. I honestly love how you are able to make videos explaining many shower thoughts and things that people just wonder one time and forgets about it ❀️
    Thank you!

  4. I've been creeped out by submerged mechanical components most of my lifeβ€”even robot pool cleaners gave me the jeebies as a kid. Turns out it's a real phobiaβ€”submechanophobia, the fear of partially or fully submerged man-made objects. For this reason, I'm completely fascinated by submarine and shipwreck movies in the same way people watch horror pics. Can't get enough.

  5. Somebody already pointed out that subs usually aren't using active sonar. The two big ways to avoid whales is passively listening to them (whales make noises), and the whales themselves are fast enough to spot and evade.

    The other nerdy point I'd like to make is, "attack" submarines do not carry ballistic missiles. Navies hold a clear distinction between attacks subs (which sink ships), and missile subs that launch ballistic and/or cruise missiles. Missile subs are called Boomers, presumably because if they are used, things go boom (any real submariners, please correct me if that's wrong).

    IMO the best book on subs is still Clancy's first, The Hunt for Red October. Great book. Not 100% accurate, but in the 1980s no one knew what kind of reactor the Alfa class actually used.

  6. Smarter every day has a nice video series about a American nuclear sub – he gets a massive tour..
    Please do more submarine content πŸ™‚

  7. Submarines the closest things to spaceships of science fiction. One of my favorite vehicles too. They usually don't send sound though because it gives their location away. Most of the time they just listen the traffic including biological marine traffic..I know you meant the map makers use sonar, but it was ambiguous so I wanted to clarify it for others. Also there was a more recent submarine incident that happened due to a similar error. Sub Brief channel has an excellent review of the navy report on that one.

  8. If you want to stay quiet you can’t use active sonar. Without detailed map of the ocean floor you will bump into things.

  9. Attack submarines(SSN) don’t have nukes. They mainly exist to hunt strategic submarines(SSBN). Those carry nukes.

  10. In order for submarines to operate efficiently you must have a good map. Not only the sea floors, but also layers of different temperatures so that you can use those layers to shake off pursuits. There’s much boring, dangerous and even illegal work involving measuring hostile sea floors.

  11. There’s also cruise missile submarines(SLCM). Those are not specifically designed for sub hunting or nuclear strikes, but rather a stand off weapon platform.

  12. Submarines can last very long time under water. They are also mobile and illusive thus hard to target. The last surviving humans will be submarine crew after the nuclear exchanges. From this perspective a mixed gender submarine is actually a good idea despite that cramped quarters making it rather awkward.

  13. i've been in one, they are truly tiny space and terryfying. i'm not claustrophic in the slighthest but i kind of was searching for a way out in this, so i can't imagine being in this for months UNDERWATER.


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