Why Submarines Are WAY Scarier Than You Think

Submarines Are Way Cooler Than You Think
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Hundreds of military submarines lurk in the depths of our oceans with enough nuclear weapons to destroy entire countries. Let’s talk about it.

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Comment (41)

  1. For anyone interested in submarines, I can recommend the series from smarter every day. Multiple videos while he is on an Ohio class submarine. (How does Oxygen get produced, Food, Fire safety etc.). Very interesting

  2. oh please please please make a video about submarines and spying, absolutely 100% here for your deep dives into rabbit hole shit like that

  3. So I was born shortly after the Cold War ended, but I feel like during the 70s and 80s most people were hyper aware of this threat. Today 40 years after the end of the Cold War, most people don’t know and this is an incredible refresher.

  4. Love how YouTube is an American website and most of his viewer ship in American but for some reason refuses to say measurements and distances we understand. Jesus Christ just say miles and km

  5. Just imagine to sleep in a cabin beyond all that nukes. 😃Hundreds of miles under the surface of the ocean… Just waiting for the order to destroy the entire modern human civilization.

    And the most bizarre thing about nuclear forces:
    Your job is to be ready to do your job so that you do not have to do your job.

  6. Yes more on submarines! Look at the company BBN in Cambridge MA. My grandfather James Barger and his team did a lot to make subs, ships, torpedoes quieter. They also redeveloped the sonar system that allowed the US to track Russian subs up-to 600 miles and could even tell what sub it was and what sub pen they were built at. It was a huge turning point for the us in the Cold War.

  7. Intresting video… you don't think its normal because you don't think about it. I do think about this from time to time growing up, this is completely normal to me.


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