Why Submarines Have a BIG Magnet Problem

Watch my *deep dive* into submarines here:

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Comment (23)

  1. Love the haircut!
    Edit: possible video idea just emerged from this, maybe how like modern European/American fashion might be influenced by things picked up through colonization and trade? Maybe vice/versa too. Idk sounds cool though haha.

  2. I was watching a documentary about the German submarine,the German submarine are made of non magnetic iron and I realized why they made the sub with that material

  3. Wow – wild. An old trick to magnetize any screw driver is to run a magnet from the top of the metal down to the tip multiple times to make it also magnetic – I wonder if the opposite is happening through this process with the subs? How the heck does this work??

  4. Kinda. There's the carwash, but the main defence they can actively deploy is degaussing which is like an electromagnet around the ship that counteracts it's natural magnetism. But an interesting trailer! Time to watch the video!


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