Why Switzerland is Called Helvetica

Did you know Switzerland also goes by Helvetica? Now you know. #shorts

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Comment (49)

  1. A video on How Switzerland became the country it is today (including how it came in to existance in the first place) would be very Interesting, even though i'm Swiss i'm sure you could find some information about that I don't know myself.

  2. Could u do a video on the rise of people thinking that the 9/11 was created by the government, as a trillion dollars went missing the day before from the pentagon

  3. The documentary film Helvetica went into the history of the Helvetica font name, which was pretty interesting. It was called Neue Hass Grotesk because it was an update to an existing font. Naturally they didn't think the name would do well in the US which was the intended market, so it was changed to Helvetica.

  4. Fun fact:

    There's is a part in Indonesia (medan, north sumatra) where there is a district named helvetia since that area was a tabacco plantation owned by swiss entrepreneur

    (Also other area have same name as well, polonia, marelan "maryland

  5. Another thing is that Switzerland was the birthplace of the International Typographic Style, aka the Swiss Style, the granddaddy of modern minimalist design. Helvetica's basically its poster boy.

  6. This comment maybe buried and considered off topic. But I would like to see a story on women’s suffrage in Switzerland and how they gained the right to vote in the 1970s, but in the canton of Appenzell it was not granted until 1990.

  7. prononciation was good and if you want to know more about swiss maps, and fluant in french, try to find a documentary named : les Suisses Guillaume Henri Dufour.
    It's about swiss greatest hero, ingenior, maps maker, general and co-founder of red cross

  8. If you think Switzerland's name is "Helvetica", then you think the name of the USA is "Americanae" (or "Americani", depending how you translate the word "States"). But maybe in the USA the concept of nouns and adjectives is not taught in schools anymore?

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  10. Please do a video about Henri Dufour: mountaineer (= he made a relief map!), co-founder of the Red Cross and general who ended a civil war within a month (the last military action on swiss soil)


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