Why the US Doesn't Want China's Money

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Comment (42)

  1. Biden hasn’t blocked consumer-grade chip sales, only the very advanced ones. This will have much less of an economic impact than you seem to portray it as. I refuse to believe it was just negligence because it's so blindingly obvious

  2. no va a pasar nada. El bloqueó de las importaciones y exportaciones es solo una escusa para que el estado de EEUU consiga más fondos. china no va a invadir EEUU porque es su principal fuente comercial.

  3. that entire vid was amazing btw johnny. =)

    getting a comprehensive grip on GEOpolitics i find very intruiging without digging into it myself.

    i mean, ALOT of the actions (if not all) our leaders make are solely made from a geopolitical perspective.
    upon they feed us whatever excuse they see can make fit.

  4. In fact, China has never put American chips in their weapons (because the Chinese themselves are worried about their dependence on foreign parts for their weapons). Where China currently lags behind Western countries is in civilian mobile phone or computer chips. China's military chips, by contrast, are not far behind. The biggest reason the United States bans the sale of chips to China is to prevent Chinese tech companies from making smart products that can compete with Apple or Samsung. The U.S. government wants to maintain its monopoly on high-end technology forever

  5. Johnny Harris I really love your videos and have been watching for a long time,I wanted to ask that as a neutral fan,why do you think such great USA bashing happens online and through other mediums by YouTubers who produce such informative content,because yes I admit the US is bad in some aspects but nowadays there is straight up bashing of your own country,again as a neutral fan from India I want to know why this is the case?

  6. they won't learn until we are out of everything and we haven't even technologically as a human species got to a level of world infinite anything or a level of human unity atleast on a resource level. Resources running out will always create problems the last bit of oil will probably be fought in Antarctica

  7. last i heard USA told the microchip printer manufacturer ASML not to sell its machine to China (the company ASML has a total monopoly on the fabrication of EUV lithography machines, the most advanced type of lithography equipment that's needed to make every of the advanced microchip) China is now more desperate to get the technology from Taiwan, probably by force #WW3

  8. There’s way more going on than that though.

    US companies have been raising the alarm for years, and the government is starting to respond now. A lot of companies from China do not respect any international IP laws, and there’s good reason to believe the Chinese government is funneling resources to hack US companies, exfiltrate IP and other trade secrets and giving them to Chinese companies.

    IC manufacturing is one of those critical areas where China is hitting hard, and the bans are trying (in a not very effective way though) to slow down that process.

  9. the funny thing is Trump would probably sell them all the microchips they want, reap the glory and rewards..(the glory being his mouthbreathing supporters praising the economics) then f*** off and let everyone else deal with the fallout.

  10. americanatzi "libs" are so racist, it's beggars belief. imagine actually believing that china can't make it's own chips, the country with billion a half people, factory of the world, that's been churning dozens of times more engineers than lamerica in past few decades, can't make it's own chips… unbelievable… I bet you also think Mao, who gave away crate of mangoes cause he didn't like their taste, was also killing workers who said they didn't like mangoes – which is an idiotic story I watched on ted yesterday, where all of the comments were like "omg, those poor people" or like "these dark and gloomy graphics you made cause there are no photos to corroborate any part of your story, really go well with how you warped the innocent story into something dark and sinister to manipulate us, I'm so clever for noticing that the two match" 🤦‍♂

    there was literally not a single comment pointing out how the story makes no sense, and how modern day chinese use mango as a tongue in cheek joke at westerners expense…

  11. Dude you're good, but I think you're getting a little bit too dramatic for me, nothing is casual, everything you say make someone look super evil like they're trying to manipulate the whole world. It's just getting kind of annoying at this point


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