Why The US Military is Studying UFOs

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The Pentagon is studying UFOs and I wanted to understand why. What I learned convinced me that we can learn a lot from studying these things.

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Comment (36)

  1. It's stinks when a close family member starts believing in UFOs. I'm talking about the History Channel type 🛸 👽 not the ones from this video. Everything becomes a conspiracy🤦‍♂️

  2. If this was other governments with technology like this, they would have used it to their advantage long ago. No one is gonna develop this level of tech and just "spy" on US in the ocean. It would be incredibly easy to destabilise US and many countries would happily oblige, because its almost universally hated at this point.

  3. A few times while flying internationally I've noticed stuff out of my airplane window that I couldn't make sense off. 1) A drone like object was flying right behind the wing of the aircraft. I'm like wtf is that. This is before cellphones. It then just shot straight up and disappeared. Recently, while flying out from India I saw an aircraft taking off at nearly vertical propulsion. I was like WTF I've never seen any airliner take off at such a steep angle. It didn't look like a rocket but a ship and was zooming.

  4. I haven't finished your video, but one YouTuber debunked all the military UFO videos, idk the YouTube channel but he makes really good content so I recommend you check the video out

  5. Damn, this makes me feel so good! This was literally my first theory: optical illusions and/or foreign tech. I wish I wrote an essay on this stuff back in 2017, cause then I'd have it black on white.

    The dead give away for me was the clip shown at 7:00. At 7:15 the camera operator makes a movement on the IR cam, and the object(?) makes a movement perfectly in sync with the movement of the camera.

    To me, the weirdest and most unexplained thing was always how it could take less than three years for the footage to be leaked by someone in the US DoF to some UFO forum. Wonder how many Murican secrets the Russians have ;ppp

  6. It's hard not to sound like a conspiracy nut when talking about this but it really sounds like the higher ups in the military know what these UAPs are. They were hoping the military personal and grunts would just chalk it up to wtver and let it run the "conspiracy gambit" play. But once these personal started complaining about flight risk they had to admit and put a bandaid on the issue. Ok, we're looking into this now (wink, wink) just to bury this shit while they talk to wtver Alien Overlords to stop being so non-chalant about their existence. xD Writing this out just feels so un-real.

  7. Another theory these things are not ufo but they drones from future or from another dimension let's say there are here because we idiots may nuke each other at that time those drones shot down nuclear rockets as long as these are really fast they can catch and shoot down rockets so they save us and themselves in process

  8. I like to follow this type. However I'm always curious why it's such a big thing in the USA and very obscure elsewhere. Perhaps it's just because I consume English language media. Though I still don't hear of other countries having the same hooplah about it

  9. When one about all the vaccine lies of the last few years? The purchase of the media, the government, the concealment and censorship in social networks. As the vaccine directly causes you serious health problems, all this is widely proven, now you can trust the sources. Directly there are leaked emails, conversations and testimonies of scientific evidence with reviewed studies on the subject absolutely opposite to the official version of these two years. Trust in science right?

  10. what if, the UAP are high tech Aircrafts, generation's ahead of its time using Anti-gravity/Repulsion technology made by the USA, to spy on other countries, but the USA is creating the narrative that it's UFOs?


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