Why US anti-vaxxers will refuse the coronavirus vaccine

In a recent survey, 24% of Americans said they will refuse a coronavirus vaccine. Adam Gabbatt investigates the anti-vaxxer movement in the United States – and how the Covid pandemic is helping to fuel its resurgence
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Comment (49)

  1. It’s literally impossible to make a safe vaccine in a year because they take time (10-15 years) to research the side effects on different people, making it IMPOSSIBLE to creat a truly 100% safe vaccine in a year.

  2. COVID manufacturers HAVE ZERO LIABILITY AND CANNOT BE SUED FOR ANY COMPLICATIONS! NO studies on long term effects, NO guarantees.
    How many decades did it take for the U.S. government top admit Agent Orange was a problem? As many decades as it took that they figured enough Vietnam veterans had already died to limit disability payout. The "Monsanto Protection act" HR 933?

  3. I'm not anti – vaccine but this whole vaccine thing is rushed, a race between pharma companies. I don't want to be a lab rat. This is all about money all those pharma companies rushed the vaccine to be the first to sell their vaccine. They are testing the vaccine on civilians. Take the pfizer vaccine for example, The vaccine isn't ready until at least the end of 2023 and they don't even know for how long it's effective. It might even cause infertility in humans they haven't even tested that extensively only on animals. If you need proof you can download the official documents. Search ema europe on google you can read the document yourself.

  4. The W.H.O ( world health organization ) is a business… It makes money from sick people NOT healthy people… Our immune system has within it the ability to create its own natural vaccine and own natural pharmaceutical… proven fact through epi-genetics and studies done that the mainstream health organization don't want us to know about.

    The science they talk about that's been conducted is science done to suit themselves, these studies are studies funded by big pharma and funded by politicians who are easily bought and paid for, they are NOT independent studies, and they manipulate and program us into believing its honest validity…

    Trust for this organization has gone out the window long ago for so many people now. I have been in the healthcare field for over 30 years and I know for a fact that its been profits before people for a long time now and its getting worse… Learn to keep your immunity strong through natural remedies.

    We know for a fact through new studies that energy healing is thousands of times more effective then chemical healing. We and everything you see as physical matter is just energy condensed to a slow vibration which means energy healing is our natural essence.

    We should be more focused on keeping our immune systems strong through more natural remedies which will then enhance our immunity to create its own natural vaccines without getting in its way by putting chemical pollutants in our system etc. We are WAY more powerful than what they are trying to tell us.

    Its your choice though if you want to vaccinate yourselves, all I am saying here is that I trust my system allot more than an organization who sees dollar signs and does NOT have my best interest at heart… If you look at the vaccine stock charts, you will see its been very bullish for a while now… meaning many people are making a killing.

    Doing your own due diligence is very important… who do you trust… trust your gut feeling and always go in the direction of what your heart is telling you. Am I getting vaccinated… NO I am NOT… I have never been vaccinated with any vaccine and I feel like I am 18 and I am 55.

    Never been to a Doctor for over 15 years or more for blood results etc. I trust my own immunity and I practice high elevated emotions which produces high levels of oxytocin and dopamine which keeps me strong and healthy.

    These natural body chemicals is what the body needs more of instead of lab created chemicals.

    We are becoming a foolish species by separating ourselves from nature. The system is designed to keep you stressed out "why" because when your body is in stress mode your immunity is compromised and now you're a great candidate for pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines etc.

  5. Did you know that health effects can sometimes take months even years to arise after taking/using a drug. So how do they know this vaccine doesnt cause cancer or some disease 10 years down the road. They dont. Thats why they need you/us to be lab rats.

  6. This video was absolutely pointless, except just falsely mocking the people who refuse to take the experimental "vaccine". It's not even in the class of vaccines, as it doesn't include the real virus at all.
    This video is just a joke. Look, you're doing exactly the same thing that everyone does in the media. You just tell what to do, and that this is safe. BUT, you have no actual evidence there. And you just try to fight word against word.
    These people you presented in your video, actually have evidence, scientific studies against the vaccination and the masks. It doesn't help, that you're ONLY TRYING TO SAY THEY ARE WRONG AND WE ARE RIGHT. The point with people who fight against this, is that they do have proofs and you don't.
    I was expecting more from you, but this video was so disappointing.. I thought you would have some new evidence that the vaccines are safe. Shame on you.. Crimes against humanity

  7. Risk?????? You said it Sooooo why do we need a vaccine for 99.96% recovery from covid it is also a fact that when you get the disease you have life long immunity natural not artificial vaccine immunity

  8. dumb and pointless "story" that has about as much merit as the anti-vax people do. Why even upload a video that was so pointless and proved nothing?


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