Why Was Hungary Punished So Severely After World War One? (Short Animated Documentary)

The Kingdom of Hungary (part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) lost about 70% of its land and 65% of its population after its defeat in World War One. Making it perhaps the greatest loser of the war, despite most of the blame being placed firmly in Germany’s lap. But why? Why was Hungary punished so harshly? To find out watch this short and simple animated history documentary.


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Comment (44)

  1. This is a topic that can't be explained in a few minutes. Most of the problems that resulted the outcome of the peace talks left out from this video. (For example the previous 2-3 centuries of the Kingdom of Hungary…)

  2. From Croatia:
    I see that you have serious holes in the knowledge of History, so it would be good to try harder and study different sources. Until then, you are only spreading confusion, ignorance and raising the anger of those who have been harmed by such a bad portrayal of History. Stop until you learn more.

  3. You forgot to mention 1. The hungarian communist regime was overthrown by The Romanian Royal army (google Romanian-hungary war 1919) 2. The hungarians did not lost his “citizens” as long that 80% from Transilvanian population was Romanian and the entire region was occupied by the maghiars with the force in the past. Romania today, was Dacia thousands of years ago (when the hungarians lived in Asia).

  4. Me when I realize I have family from the Czech Republic
    Czechoslovakia was part of Austria – Hungary
    Hitler was from Austria – Hungary

  5. Those lands were barely theirs for a while. The huns should be happy to have a square meter in Europe… They just sat in the spot and didn´t want to let go. Some justice was done after all they´ve done to everyone else.

  6. Funny story, romanians deport many hungarians from Transilvania back in 1950 and they all coming back because of the poverty in Hungary, I’m not racist or anything but Romanians win transilvania fairly and o paper unlike Austro-Hungary who just take everything from little countries, what happen to them it’s basically karma because no matter how good you are u can still fall someday.

  7. And yet, Hungary and Austria didn't get half the kicking they deserved, happily signing up for round two just a couple of decades later.

  8. Because they are not slavs and germanic people, thats why they punished. They afraid new Attila maybe !

  9. Let's be honest, Hungary was in personal union with Croatia before Austro Hungary, after the dissolution it was obvious Croatia joining Yugoslavia would carry it's land into new state

  10. Answer: it wasn't. It was historic justice for the other ethnicities living on the territories where Hungarians ruled, but weren't the majority.

  11. As a hungarian, this treaty still pisses me off. I dont want to reverse it or anything, but i still feel like this was one of the most controversial thing that happened in europe. This treaty still affects many people. In the end, lets live in peace and learn from all of this.

  12. Shit video , those territories that they "lost" were not theirs , those territories were conquered by astro-hungary and after ww1 simply they were returned back to the countries they belong , those 60 % percent of the population were not hungarian as well

  13. I should have known this video existed, but often as someone who enjoys historical map painting based strategy games I look at modern Hungary and Hungary in 1066 and think Jesus, what happened? And now I know.

  14. Why did Austria get parts of Hungary after the first world war, it was also a defeated country just like Hungary?

  15. I do not know why southern Slovakia is not Hungarian , if you see ethnografic map , you will see that all the south was inhabited by Hungarians .

  16. Why was Hungary shafted after WWI? Well, probably because most of their territory was ethnically *not Hungarian*.

    Nobody was going to be completely happy because there were multiple areas with diverse ethnicities, so, barring population resettlements, it was always going to be messy.

    That being said I’m deeply unsympathetic for Hungary. As I understand it, the nobility and elite had gerrymandered it so much that 10% of the population controlled 90% of the diet. They then proceeded to use that control to intentionally make Imperial politics dysfunctional as possible, as well as various methods for Magyarization, which, to put it mildly, were not popular, and majority of immigrants from Austria-Hungary were from the Hungarian half, voting with their feet.

    Is it right for ethnic Hungarians to find themselves no longer in Hungary? No, but again, that was always going to be a hot mess, and while I feel bad for the average Hungarian, who was politically neutered, I thing Hungary as a nation reaped what it sowed.

  17. No wonder why Hungary don’t trust anybody. At least they were never part of the Soviet Unuon or communist

  18. Europeans generally gamble badly why they end up both dead and losers . These people seem to go in circles hoping to make gains to end off worse off in the process. Try to teach fools is a fool's errant .

  19. I dont really get the anger against the treaty of Trianon. All the lands that left were not made up of Hungarians.

  20. Have you ever thought that this post was a decoy for a political & economical player. Easiest thing to get one thing is:
    Decide & Concur.
    Next browse up

  21. None. Preferably, it's to still have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of various European cultures.
    Look, things should be done with future in mind, not the past
    Introspect what could unite your very close cultures, not the opposite.
    Left Europe, 20+ years, and we all know how it is: first love is there doesn't matter what.
    From a helicopter view: guys your cultures will both be gone in less than decades.
    Up to you to see the global trends, either cultural or economical.
    Hating each other, it makes other's job much easier, to infest your hard preserved culture, with every allian cheep store replacing a local business. Do not blame them, blame yourself that you did not see it.
    I could spell it either in Mandarin or Cantonese, your choice:)
    I prefer a unified Romanian & Hungarian voice, like we are in Canada. Love!


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