Why was the book of Enoch Really Removed from the bible? What they don't want you to know video

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  1. The corona virus is the wrath of TMH! All nations was unprepared for this virus. If it was man-made someone would have a vaccine by now. Open your eyes ppl.

  2. Do you think the "Look like the angels" is an edit… I ask because the only living thing that would look like him would be a "heathen" I believe I should look to study more of the books of Enoch and Jubellies the devil will never let you know when he is misleading the Yissolele.

  3. I was hitchhiking to bible study one night and a guy felt the Lord told him to pick me up and he gifted me the book of enoch like the next week what a blessing that book is mmhm

  4. Is it a sin to make herbal (organic/naturtal) soaps, since the fallen angels taught woman how to use plants for medicinal purposes?

  5. His parents were concerned because he's eyes glowed and he had a Radiance about him. Read and understand the text. And read it in the Hebrew. Not in the English. Quit trying to rewrite the Bible. And quit taking verses out of context to support a conclusion this is not supported within the context of those verses.

  6. Something took place that caused a genetic mutation called the MMR gene in humanity which caused red hair and other mutations in the entire species of humans. Red hair is in every ethnic group due to this mutation from dark black people to Asians, to Europeans, etc. everyone at the same time.

  7. I never understand the King James version. I tried many time to really read all of it. Yahusha would never allow me to until I came to know the truth and his true Hebrews names which set me free. I don't call myself Christian anymore I denounce Christianity. I follow yahuah and yahusha

  8. Hi can you share the exact copy author edition of the book of Enoch that you have It seems like a lot of books on amazon claim to be the book of Enoch but I’m not confident in the authenticity… please help thank you

  9. I'm a white person with European ancestry that believes in The Most High. I am not perfect by any means and I don't say any of this for my own glory. Since my genetics are as they are am I not able to worship the Alahym of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who made heaven and earth? Am I damned just because of just a part of my genetics and not because of my actions and what I believe?

  10. Ok, I know Holy Spirit is leading me in this truth regarding the prophesies of Enoch for the last days. I appreciate your information and agree that even today October 21, 2020 there is tyranny and most likely are from the fallen angels. HOWEVER, I know I am a daughter of the King YHWHShua, I am HIs beloved as are you…. BUT when you insinuate that those of us with white skin are decedents from Evil Fallen Angels? What does that mean? How do you view me? Am I not your sister because I have light skin? I think maybe this part of your doctrine needs to be evaluated. Or further explained….

  11. I for one love the book of Enoch. As a white man I have never heard it from your point of view. Do you believe white people are evil? As in descendants of the fallen angels?

  12. The oldest man in the Bible is Methuselah was an African, Noah`s great grandfather. Methuselah at one time lived with Adam and Noah. He died at the age of 969, he lived the longest of all figures mentioned in the Bible. Methuselah was the son of Enoch, the father of Lamech, and the grandfather of Noah. Methuselah and Adam are not the only persons mentioned in the Bible living over 900 years.
    Lets do the Maths here:

    Adam lived to be 930 years old

    Adam’s son Seth lived 912 years

    Seth’s son Enosh (or Enos) lived to be 905 years old

    Methuselah’s grandfather Jered lived to be 962 years old

    Methuselah’s grandson Noah lived to be 950 years old

    Methuselah lived 693 years after Adam, it is likely they lived together for 237 years after Methuselah was born. So we can see from Adam to Noah, all these events were taking place in Africa. Enoch never left Africa. Noah built his Ark in Africa, he never left Africa. Noah lived with Adam for almost 300 years…..booooooom. Genesis 5: Book of Enoch 10:18 Genesis 6:4

  13. Hay guys hope you got my msg but I heard" Enoch is Ethiopian !" Is it true? I saw the book you presented it is written in "GEEZ" And you didn't mention about it.

  14. Just subscribed to your channel, really appreciate your patience to study these complex scriptures and appreciate your open mindedness and the way you perceive information presented to you both. You guys are great! Appreciate you!

  15. White girl here , I love this couple, honestly they know their books
    I watch all their videos👍
    I subscribed their channel

  16. The Mormons believe that they are NEPHITES. What a coincidence.

    If it quack like duck it is a duck

    NEPHILIMS (Fallen Angels). Genesis 6:4 Holy Bible

    NEPHITES (Fallen Angels offsprings) 2 Nephi 5 Book of Mormon

  17. But which site/source should we use online? When you google it many sources and pages appear, I'd like to read it from the ones you read it from. Like, which one is the least manipulated do you think? I'd trust the one you would guide me to. Like which one you read it from, that's the one I want to read it from also, because I feel GOD guides you 2 always to the right information. PLEASE REPLY, I need this. Thank you and may Yah bless you in advance.


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