Why wasn’t Iran colonised? (Short Animated Documentary)

How did Iran (or Persia as it was known back then) survive the Age of Colonialism? Most nations in Africa and Asia were subject to a foreign power during the 19th and 20th centuries and yet Iran managed to circumvent this. To find out how and why watch this short and simple animated history documentary.


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The Great Game in Asia by David Fromkin
Persia and the Great Powers, 1856-1869 by Mikhail Volodarsky

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Comment (21)

  1. Countries need to leave each other alone. Stay out of others’ business. You can’t just go and take someone else’s oil just because they are weaker.

  2. “Why was Iran never conquered by foreign empires?”
    The CIA and UK circa 1953-1979: “Heheheh riiiiiiight everybody? Same country, same government, definitely no foreign conquering going on”

  3. OH………….i thougt, that the imperial armies of GREAT BRITAIN…..AND USSR. as brothers in arms……..colonised IRAN in 1941………AS the US Army did within Russia…….

  4. Hey get your facts Check Iran never been colonised never, but it has been robbed from their oil and gas for long long time. Never ever been colonised .British petroleum BP came to Iran steal as much as possible Oil and gas by corrupting kings and government. If you see BP is one of the biggest Oil company in world that is beacuse they steal Iranian Oil and gas.

  5. No because of racism… Iranians (Persians) are Aryans. When you see something like that and Iran (which means land of Aryans) isn't touched it's because of racism and religious reasons nor will Iran leave Persia because of racism

    Just like we you see white supremacists become friends with Iranians (Persians) but attack anyone around them its because of racism or respect. (Iran is literally the land of Aryans )

  6. I know this is controversial but why is colonialism seen as so bad????? Most of these places were hot mess before the Europeans and they did put an effort on modernization and improving the countries. While I do admit that mistakes were made I think the colonies ultimately benefited from European influence

  7. Interesting fact: in the 1700s Northern Iran was briefly under the rule of Russia after the Russo-Persian war. That's probably the closest Iran came to being colonised

  8. The Portuguese also occupied the island of Hormuz in southern Iran, but Iranian ships fired cannons at night at them and drove them out.
    One of the reasons Iran was not conquered was that they were one of the Gunpowder Empires.China was not completely conquered for this reason.

  9. 0:03 China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran all are considered "under partially European control or influence". If you labelled Iran and Saudi Arabia as "not under direct rule under foreign power", why wouldn't you labelled China and Turkey as so?


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