Will Apple switch to USB-C ports? Apple faces pressure from the EU to ditch the lightning port

Apple is facing heat from the European Union to ditch the lightning port in its devices in favour of universal USB-C ports. So, will Apple switch to USB-C ports? Watch this report to find out.

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Comment (48)

  1. I predict portless, and of course without wireless charger in the box, they make billions selling 20$ headphones for 200$. They essentially exclude things you absolutely need from the product box without making product itself cheaper. I use chinese phones only, but even they are starting to use same tactic (no 3.5 port to sell more headphones).

  2. I can’t believe how the adult population goes crazy over iPhones worse than children and people wonder why the world has gone mad

  3. This is just another opportunity for Apple to vanish even the cables from box & start charging extra for wireless charging

  4. Huh? I recently bought IPad Pro and the plug was type C. I thought it was already implemented. Maybe not yet on phones.

  5. portless means using bluetooth earpiece for gaming.
    And always game with bt-earpiece has dumb sound delayyy (audio latency),
    no matter how expensive it is.

  6. American companies and there way of controlling market. Soonnit's done deal. Europe is slipping out of American hands & they don't have control over Asia. ha ha ha.May the native American have there country back.

  7. " Po,Ots Wion Nao Awailable dont woahwee " why does this girl talk like that, the letters R and V dont bite

  8. Edit- never mind, USB C 4.0 beats lightning at the moment.

    Original Post- Problem is USB C is slower than lightning for data transfers however that is not really an issue for phones, you won't need gigabytes per second in data transfer speed. And people forget USB C can be further improved to handle faster data

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  10. Apple gonna put a USB C Port but it won't work. EU didn't mention that the TYPE C PORTS must be working ports

  11. I made the decision as far back as the Ipods…not to support any of Apples technology, and looking back it has to be one of the best life decisions I've ever made.

  12. Boycott Chinese products and Bhosdiwood and AAP and congress and mahamilavati panties and tukade tukade gang and leftist and khalistani and western mulla media are SUVAR nothing else 😅 🤣 😂😅

  13. Haha I don't know why USB port was taken off. We lost too much money in using and throwing wireless earphones. A decision for people welfare too


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