Will robots take our jobs? | CNBC Explains

Elon Musk says robots will be able to do everything better than humans. So does that mean the future workforce will be entirely automated? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze explains.


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Comment (33)

  1. Many low skilled workers don't have the IQ level for advanced training or jobs requiring high cognitive ability. So what will we do with 50% of the population? Governments are going to be too slow to respond. Income inequality often leads to violent revolution.

  2. Robots will not help if they are taking jobs it won't work if robots take jobs then where will people get money to buy the goods that robots have produced the product would just sit on the shelf

  3. This video is like Ny Times headline "man can not fly for a million years" 9 days before the wright brothers flew successfully. AI is not automation it can learn everything you can, process the data significantly faster than a human can do. For example, AI can replace that programmer guy.

  4. Will robots take our job??? Lol thay all ready have I used to work in maclasfeald foundry 35 yrs ago that's wen thay started so yes robots will definitely take our jobs sad fact one thing robots can't do is make beautiful cute babys lol

  5. People better get their mind straight or else they will lose EVERYTHING.

    The rich people DONT want HUMANS to do their work because Humans are "too much of a hassle"

    We need to fight this on ALL FRONTS (street and internet)

    While we still CAN.

  6. this video just glances over the fact that people who work in factories arent educated and thats why they do the jobs that they are doing. if a robot takes someones unskilled labour then there would be no jobs for them to take. they arent educated to have other jobs like doctors and teachers so they need what they need and taking away that will end alot of peoples careers.

  7. "This rich people will control the bots" theory is almost nonsense.

    Like almost two third of the humans in the world know cooking right now.

    In the same way they will learn how to make and control robots
    No matter from which ever field or education background they are.
    Robots are just an extended version of human consciousness.

    "This robots will eat jobs" thing is as dumb and as communist as it sounds. (Not saying that communism is bad but)
    Robots will just liberate the humans from doing tedious tasks which are physical and also mental.

    As time goes on every field gets piling up more and more information which is hard for humans to cram up the average brain is limited and should not be stressed out.

    People who in their egos and Delusion of "this is what those stupid technicians with thick glasses do to serve us" never fixed a screw or booted their Computers with anything other than their inbulit Operating System are the one who will be most miserable and asswhacked when this learning curve happens.

    Other people no matter from which ever educational background would be supportive and ready to learn,
    As if they don't their existence would be in danger.

    Robots are our friends,
    More like part of our own body.
    People should adapt to it quickly or there would be a monopoly over it which won't even allow you to make your own bots (ie.governments).

  8. Will robots take our jobs? They already are 🙃

    self check outs replace cashiers
    chatbots / customer service
    labor machines / factory line workers
    PC programs / data analysts

    .. The list goes on but what's really the truth is that robots are not taking our jobs – they're becoming our bosses.


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