Will Smith seen at Mumbai airport, first outing since Oscars incident | World Latest English News

Hollywood actor Will Smith has made his first public appearance at Mumbai airport since the slapping controversy at the Oscars.

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Comment (37)


  2. Obviously anyone who love his wife would have reacted the way if someone damage one wife’s health condition in world diaz.

  3. The only times Indian cared about Oscars
    A R Rahman won
    Priyanka Chopra attended
    Dev patel got nominated
    Will Smith incident

    And ofcourse the legend Satyajit Ray

  4. Will Smith is one of the good guys in a world (in America) of disgusting rappers (look how they talk and swear in interviews), actors and pro athletes. Sadly he got tricked into marrying PURE EVIL. That woman is DESTROYING his life. He has a GOOD heart and she is PURE GREED and EVIL with a HUGE EGO.

  5. 💐Salam alaykum💐
    I invite you to the Religion of Islam, as you may find peace.
    💎ISLAAM 💎 is the latest revelation from The Almighty Allah (God) for the humankind worldwide.
    If you die as a non-Muslim there'd be an eternal punishment in the hell fire for other religions will be invalid and it'll have consequences.
    Welcome To Islam ❤💐🌹

  6. Does one really need to travel all the way to mumbai to start being nicer, no. Does one need to be seen doing this as a celebrity, probably yes.
    I definitely don't feel like I owe him love after witnessing that slap. He got enough love from me as a fan of his in the 90s. He can endure being respected a bit less from that, and move on, away from my sight and hopefully the sight of anyone who'd be vicious toward him.

  7. Don't listen to the guy below. Islam (and other Abrahamic faiths) have killed a few HUNDRED MILLION (and are still killing) of people for refusing to convert to their faiths. All these faiths (Abrahamic ones) have NO CLUE about our existence. They have NO IDEA how WRONG they are about EVERYTHING. Truly they are all living in ignorance.

    Only Hinduism accepts everybody (even those who are atheists) and ONLY Hinduism talks about how each universe (there are infinite universes) has 1 Brahma and his life is for 100 years (311 billion, 40 billion human years) meaning that even Brahma is mortal and when he dies. another Brahma comes. Only Hinduism talks about how creation itself also is in cycles, there have been many previous creations, and when our current creation is over, a new creation will start. Hindus never went around invading places and killing the people for refusing to convert.

  8. This year India is in soo much talks like many president visited it , foreign ministers too , was in news when abstain in UN ( I mean many countries abstained but everyone was focused to India ) , now will Smith visited it , people all over the tiktok and yt are trying Indian food 😐 what's happening 😬

  9. Why is suddenly everybody headed towards India? Is it because International travel has just resumed and they want to avail early bird discounted tickets? jkjk😂

  10. I think amerika tried to sanction everyone so they will get all the money of this famous not just leader will Smith I think he's bein sanctioned

  11. Every new moment brings an opportunity to be a better version of ourselves. Best wishes Smith and family

  12. SIMP to ALPHA. Bravo WILL, gather your will for potential divorce. Be a MAN. Don't let a woman(wife) abuse you. Don't become another court case like Johnny Depp.

  13. No black person in racist america can breathe but rather than peeking inside their own country, their leaders shamelessly lecture India about human rights and democracy. What a sham..

  14. Everyone comes to India when they want to find their spiritual self and don't know what to do.
    And here I am living in India and don't have time to visit spiritual places.

  15. Slapping someone and partying afterwards can’t be called an honorable deed. Running a marriage with a wife slept with son’s friend can’t be good. We are being polite not calling him dysfunctional. Why are some people still calling him a legend? Legend for what ?


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